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DVIR Forms

A new way to handle driver vehicle inspection reports

DVIRs ensure your vehicles are safe on the road, and they are key in lowering maintenance costs and extending the life of your assets. When required by law, performing DVIRs will keep your fleet on the move and free of penalties and fines.

Mobile DVIR Forms App

If you or your drivers regularly complete DVIRs, you know that recording vehicle inspections is quite the headache. Paper-based inspections are easy to misplace and difficult to store, and manually entering paper DVIR information into a computer is time consuming and error prone. Fleetio’s electronic vehicle inspections app allow admins to customize DVIR forms and eliminate paper from the DVIR process completely.

With Fleetio Inspections, you can:

  • Create customized DVIR inspection forms or get started with a template (DOT, MOT)
  • Select specific vehicles for inspection, schedule frequency and alert drivers when inspections are due
  • Add photos, comments or documents to an inspection making it easy for drivers to report defects
  • Create workflows to instantly report vehicle issues to the right people, accelerating issue resolution

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