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Terms & Conditions

Car Pool Customer Referral Program

Current Fleetio customers must agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below to be eligible to participate in the Fleetio Carpool Customer Referral Program. The Terms & Conditions posted on the Fleetio website are subject to change without advance notice to customers, so please check here for the latest updates.

To be eligible for the Fleetio Carpool Referral Program participants must:

  • Be a current Fleetio customer = have an active subscription with Fleetio at the time of submission of referral
  • Receive permission from their referral to be contacted by Fleetio via email or phone
  • Not refer themselves or a business who is already a customer
  • Not refer the same business twice
  • Refer a ‘NEW’ business who is not already working with our sales team
  • Be in good financial standing (both the customer and referral) with no no overdue invoices upon rewards payout
  • Be 18 years or older

The following customers are NOT eligible to receive a gift card reward, but are eligible to receive a charity donation reward:

  • Government agencies
  • Businesses with gift restriction policies

These customers will receive an email link to donate to a charity of their choice if their referral becomes a customer. The maximum charity donation amount is $500 and based on the number of vehicles or equipment their referral has.

Ineligible Referrals include:

  • Those from current Fleetio Partners and Resellers.
  • A business that is a prior or current customer of Fleetio or is, at the time of submission, already holding discussions with Fleetio.
  • A business that is either on Fleetio’s ‘Do Not Call’ registry or has opted out of receiving emails from Fleetio.
  • Self-referrals.

Fleetio reserves the right to terminate The Fleetio Carpool Customer Referral Program at any time and without notice. Referrals submitted prior to such termination shall continue to be considered for a reward pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. Gift cards are subject to the terms and conditions of their issuers.