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StreetEagle GPS & Telematics Integration

StreetEagle develops innovative, flexible fleet management, asset tracking and mobility solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment. Their solutions deliver the ability to capture, analyze and integrate business-critical data from ALL mobile resources – vehicles, equipment, and mobile employees – through one fully configurable and user-friendly platform.

StreetEagle Integration Features

  • Fully customizable fleet management solutions include driver cameras, route optimization, sensors, alerts and other tools to meet critical needs
  • StreetEagle's reporting engine allows access to over 100 different reports from vehicle activity to compliance or maintenance, timesheets and much more
  • Fleetio's integration with StreetEagle utilizes critical information such as mileage updates or diagnostic trouble codes to assist in the preventive maintenance process within Fleetio


Primary OdometerSecondary MeterFaults/DTCVendor Location AlertsVehicle LocationDVIRVehicle Importing

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Areas of Operation

  • United States

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