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VisionTrack GPS & Telematics Integration

VisionTrack is a leading global provider of cloud-based video telematics. Our unique approach helps tackle some of the most complex challenges faced by the fleet, transportation, and insurance sectors. By providing the highest levels of operational insight, business intelligence, and enriched vehicle data, organizations can make strategic mobility decisions. The integration of cameras with tracking software allows fleets to combine consistent and accurate driver behavior data with video footage in a single platform, without the hassle of using multiple systems. Video telematics perfectly complements your traditional vehicle tracking system because it provides context that would not previously have been available.

VisionTrack Integration Features

  • Fleet Dash Cams: VisionTrack's VT3500 is the most sophisticated AI-powered 4G dashcam, with built-in Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) and panic alarm, and the VT3000-AI– VT3000-AI combines a next-generation, 4G vehicle camera with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVRS): VisionTrack'S HD, ruggedized VT5500 supports enhanced data capture, video on demand, and driver behavior monitoring. The eight-channel HD VT6.2 can be tailored to the precise needs of a commercial fleet operation.
  • Road Safety: Improve driver performance by gaining the insight needed to monitor and analyze driving styles. Identify potential dangers and those drivers most likely to be involved in a collision to lower operational risk. Take preventive action to reduce driving incidents and save lives by implementing a meaningful road safety strategy.
  • Insurance: Proven to minimize claims frequency by disputing liability and 50/50 claims, fleets can defend against false and fraudulent claims with indisputable video evidence of exactly what happened. Achieve effective First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Third-Party Intervention (TPI) to control claims management.


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Areas of Operation

  • Worldwide