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Lori Sullivan

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Jun 1, 2016

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

What's in a PM Inspection? Your One-Stop Checklist

As we outlined in our last post, the first step of developing an affordable PM program is specifying preventive maintenance inspection (PMI) tasks to be performed.

vehicle inspection tablet

Inspections should be carried out by the appropriate employee(s) - mechanic, operator, etc. - at an established regular interval.

The following should always be inspected:

1. Cab interior

Inspect registration, seat belts, safety equipment, heater, lights, gauges, horn and defroster.

2. Engine compartment

Inspect for any leaks and check all fluid levels.

3. Potential replacements

  • As needed: air filter, fuel filter
  • Water filter, add diesel conditioner
  • Rust inhibitor

4. Cooling system

  • Inspect fluid level (pressure test if low)
  • Inspect condition of hoses and belts
  • Check protection level

5. Electrical system

  • Inspect battery mounting, terminals, cables and battery
  • Inspect all exterior lights
  • Inspect alternative starter, bolts and mounting

6. Under chassis

  • Inspect drive line, suspension and steering
  • Inspect exhaust for condition and leaks
  • Lubricate as necessary

7. Oil system

Change oil and oil filter.

8. Brakes

Inspect service and parking brake system.

9. Tires

Inspect tire condition and inflation including spare.

10. Miscellaneous

Inspect body and glass and note damage.

Whether fleets conduct inspections on paper or using a fleet management app, each inspection item should be marked as OK/approved or noted as needing repair. From there, next steps can be established and maintenance performed.

Overall, preventive maintenance inspections ensure your drivers are safe and allow fleets to keep vehicles in peak condition, eliminating downtime and reducing unnecessary costs.

Sources: Fleet Management, 11th Edition by John Dolce

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Lori Sullivan

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