AutoMate is now Fleetio

We were never 100% satisfied with AutoMate as our product name, so we decided to make a change before we launch publicly. We think Fleetio is easier to remember and is more in tune with our vision & approach to vehicle/fleet management.

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Why change?

  • We found ourselves always saying “it’s AutoMate…with a capital A & M” when we described our product. It just felt clumsy.
  • “automate” is such a common word, users had a hard time finding it through a search engine if they couldn’t remember the URL.
  • is an OK domain name, but it has the extraneous “app” pasted to the end. Now we have a more pure domain name,, and even snagged too.
  • Fleetio is just down right more fun to say. Try it for yourself. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do.
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