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Laura Maxwell

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Jun 24, 2020

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Fleet Management Blog

Easily Create Recurring Expenses for More Accurate TCO Tracking

Data entry is painful and error-prone. Set up and expenses once and we’ll create future expenses automatically!

recurring expenses tco

Accurately tracking all the costs that go into your vehicles can be a difficult job. It’s more than just fuel and maintenance. Tracking license and registration costs, subscription costs for on-vehicle equipment, insurance and more is imperative for getting the full picture of total ownership costs and making smart vehicle cycling decisions.

Expense tracking in Fleetio is now even easier with Recurring Expenses. Easily set up an expense and set it to repeat monthly or annually during a timeframe of your choosing. Fleetio will create an expense entry for each interval so you don’t have to painfully enter each one individually. All your vehicle’s expenses are rolled up so you can see Total Cost of Ownership at-a-glance and project when your vehicles may be due for replacement.

Fleetio is committed to helping you get the most from your vehicles and equipment. Look out for continued improvements to vehicle and equipment lifecycle tracking.

Want to learn more about expense and total cost of ownership tracking at Fleetio? Start a free trial today!

About the Author

Laura Maxwell

Laura Maxwell

Product Marketing Manager

Laura is a Product Marketing Manager at Fleetio and has 10+ years of experience marketing SaaS companies. Laura grew up on a dairy farm in Massachusetts with a home delivery fleet and her work gives her daily flashbacks to her childhood.

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