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Matt Dziak

Matt Dziak

Feb 26, 2019

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

eDVIR and its Benefits for Fleets

If you work with a commercial fleet, you know about daily driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), but eDVIR apps might be a new, and beneficial concept.


What is an eDVIR?

An eDVIR is an electronic DVIR that allows users to record, compile and store vehicle inspection report information on electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Electronic DVIR app

Through a mobile application, the information from an eDVIR is synced directly to a fleet management software. The connection between the electronic DVIR app and software provides a secure transfer of data and allows access to multiple stakeholders, given they can provide the necessary company credentials.

Operators can use the app to update their eDVIR from anywhere and supervisors are able to review the data on a device or computer in real time. This allows fleets to have a centralized record of inspection history where fleet managers can track progress, pull reports and act if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

What are the benefits of eDVIR?

Increase efficiency

Saving time spent conducting vehicle inspections is one of the most important benefits of eDVIR. It’s no secret that many operators rush through vehicle inspections for the sake of completion.

Trying to write down information for DVIR requires two hands, one to hold the pad and another to scribe. This limits the operator’s ability to inspect things like oil levels and battery connections while quickly recording the information.

Time is the scarcest commodity, and any amount you can save operators from tasks like inspections frees up capacity to complete more significant responsibilities. Implementing eDVIR use across your fleet promotes efficiencies, allowing operators to be more accurate and productive in their work day.


Provide details and visual indications

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now, compare the time and energy spent writing a thousand words versus taking a picture on a mobile device.

Electronic DVIR apps enable operators to take photographs of any vehicle issues such as a torn wire or tire tread and upload them immediately for a fleet supervisor to review.

This streamlines the process and provides clear details that are otherwise difficult to formulate through writing.

Reduce errors and pencil-whipping

Paper DVIR forms have microscopic font sizes and cram a lot of details into a small space. This makes it difficult to keep things neat and is prone to misinterpretation.

As a supervisor, compliance and the health of your vehicles shouldn’t be reliant on the writing legibility of your operators’ handwriting. Instead, eDVIR requires clicks and swipes, limiting the chances for errors and making it easier to correct a mistake that was made before submitting.

This also makes it more difficult for operators to pencil-whip through an inspection, thus increasing accountability and accuracy.

Troubleshoot immediately

With eDVIR, there is no lag in the transfer of information from operator to supervisor.

Fleet managers don’t have to wait for paper DVIR forms to be physically turned in. They also don’t have to worry about paper copies being damaged, lost or otherwise compromised.

If there is an unusual entry or a serious issue found during an inspection, fleet managers can review and take action immediately. This proactive approach is the most effective way to prevent downtime.

Data visibility for decision making

The digitization of fleet data, has provided fleet managers a simple solution to the troublesome problem of trying to keep records organized. Fleet management software and eDVIR allow you to keep track of every vehicle inspection detail in an organized fashion.

You can set up custom reports and alerts when certain information is submitted. If a part is showing signs of defect or a recurring issue persists, you’ll be able to quickly determine the course of action to repair.

Use eDVIR to make data-driven decisions that will positively impact your fleet operations. Start your free trial or request a demo of Fleetio Manage today.

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