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Raj Udeshi

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Mar 5, 2021

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Manage Fuel Spend and Save Time with Enhanced Wex Integration

Managing fuel spend just got easier. Automatically assign fuel transactions to their corresponding vehicles directly from the pump


Addressing the Issue at the Pump

As fuel continues to be the largest operational expense for a fleet, it’s critical to track along with other vehicle expenses so you can measure and reduce costs. Tracking these costs ultimately allows you to make data-driven decisions about asset acquisition and replacement.

If you have dozens or hundreds of assets spread across several locations, trying to manually calculate total fuel costs can be a daunting task. Drivers filling up multiple times per week (potentially even daily), can hinder a fleet fuel management plan that relies on manual entries.

Our integration with Wex allows customers’ fuel data to flow seamlessly from the pump directly to Fleetio, without the need for any data entry or calculations. This also helps limit fraudulent charges while allowing customers to take advantage of rewards and other promotional benefits.

Automate Fuel Cost Tracking


Fleetio customers can now automatically map transactions to the proper vehicle without having to manually map fuel cards. No matter whether you have a single card for each vehicle or each driver has their own, this improvement will enable you to save time and track costs seamlessly.

When your drivers enter their vehicle’s unique PIN at the pump, all transaction data will flow directly into the respective vehicle in Fleetio. The same card could fuel several vehicles in a week and the driver would simply enter in a different PIN (one unique PIN per vehicle) each time, which would allow transaction data to flow into Fleetio.

Save time and gain more insight into your fuel spend and what vehicles your spend is being allocated to by integrating Wex with your Fleetio account today!

Start your free trial of Fleetio or request a demo to see how fuel card integrations can cut your fuel expenses and save you time!

About the Author

Raj Udeshi

Raj Udeshi

Product Marketing Manager

Raj Udeshi is a Product Marketing Manager at Fleetio and a seasoned B2B marketer with over 7 years of experience and 4+ years in the SaaS industry. Raj is based in Southern California where he spends time with his two dogs and fiancé. He enjoys hiking, basketball and golf.

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