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Matt Chapman

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Apr 4, 2013

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

New in Fleetio: Archiving Vehicles

Fleetio users have utilized our various feedback channelsto let us know that they would like an option to archive vehicles. Our team recognizes that in the lifecycle management of your fleet, it is handy to be able to keep a vehicle for your records, without having it included in an active list or your account total.

We are excited to announce that as of today, you can start archiving vehicles in Fleetio.

How to Archive

From the Vehicle List screen or Vehicle Profile screen, you can select the dropdown menu on any vehicle and choose to archive.



Archived vehicles are read-only, meaning they can't be edited. Associated records such as service and fuel entries can only be viewed. In order to edit an archived vehicle, you must first restore it.

Not counted against plan allotment

Each Fleetio subscription plan has maximum number of vehicles. Archived vehicles do not count against your account's total vehicles.

Reminders are disabled

Service and Renewal Reminders are disabled for archived vehicles. They will not appear on the Dashboard or any of the reports. Reminder notifications are not emailed for archived vehicles.

Reminders are not even visible when viewing an archived vehicle. In order to view reminders associated with an archived vehicle, you must first restore it.

Read more on our Fleetio Help Center Page.

About the Author

Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman

Account Executive

Matt is an Account Executive at Fleetio, and has been with Fleetio for over five years. In 2005, he led Auburn University's solar car team in a 2500 mile race across North America.

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