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Ben Weinberg

Ben Weinberg

Nov 8, 2018

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Safety Recall Management with Fleetio

Automatically pull in NHTSA safety recalls for your vehicles.

Be among the first to learn about new recalls


Usually when new recalls are issued, it often takes weeks for physical letters to travel from OEMs to your mailbox with information on the recall and how to fix it. By that time, local dealerships or certified repair shops can be swamped with a backlog of repairs and part shortages related to the recall.

Our latest integration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), notifies you whenever a NHTSA recall is issued for any of your vehicles in Fleetio, enabling you to beat the rush for replacement parts.

Organize and track new recalls on your vehicles


In 2017, the NHTSA issued over 800 recalls. That's a lot of potential information to keep track of! When new recalls affecting your vehicles are announced, Fleetio enables you to stay informed and organized with email alerts communicating details about the recall, the defect, and how to fix it. The same information automatically populates in Fleetio, allowing you to easily take further action.

Streamline your repair process


Create an Issue with pre-populated information about the recall to seamlessly get your affected vehicles fixed and back on the road. Track each vehicle through the final repair and easily keep detailed, up-to-date service records with our Outsourced Maintenance Management solutions.

Questions? Visit our Help Center, view our recent blog post on recall management, or contact us at

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Ben Weinberg
Ben Weinberg

Product Marketing Analyst

Ben Weinberg is a Product Marketing Analyst at Fleetio.

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