Streamline Fleet Workflows with Outsourced Maintenance Management

Fleetio takes outsourced maintenance to a new level with Outsourced Maintenance Management. Streamline workflows, automatically record service data and consolidate billing at over 44,500 U.S. shops.


Automate Outsourced Maintenance with Fleetio

When it comes to maintenance, most small to mid-size fleets outsource their maintenance. While outsourcing maintenance can save your organization money, many processes like approvals and payments are time-consuming and cause unnecessary downtime.

Most outside fleet data, like fuel cards and telematics, can be integrated into your fleet management software, but many fleets are still managing their maintenance in a paper based system. Sorting through spreadsheets for the right data gets complicated, and it’s hard to gain insight into your data.

Fleetio is setting a new standard for Outsourced Maintenance Automation by streamlining repair order management. Using Fleetio allows you to manage external vendors, repairs and approvals through your fleet management software.

Leveraging Fleetio to manage your fleet’s outsourced maintenance helps reduce downtime and costs by getting your vehicles in-and-out of the shop quickly and maximizing savings.

Let’s take a closer look into Fleetio’s Outsourced Maintenance Management software, its capabilities and how it’s helping fleet managers across the U.S. improve their maintenance processes.

Streamline Workflows and Expedite Maintenance

It’s crucial for your vehicles to get into the shop and back on the road quickly, but often, your drivers are waiting on approvals or you’re playing phone tag with shop managers. What a poor use of your valuable time!

Fleetio allows you to streamline the approvals process in real-time. When a repair order line item is entered into the software, you receive instant notifications to approve or reject the order, allowing you to keep the ball rolling.

All maintenance is under your full control, eliminating surprise line items on your invoices. Set auto-approval or rejection rules based on shop, cost or service code, or review all requests manually.

Once approved, shops can complete the maintenance quickly and have your driver back on the road. Payment is handled automatically, eliminating the need for drivers to carry extra credit cards, and maintenance data is automatically uploaded into Fleetio, eliminating data entry.


Consolidate Billing and Save Big with Maintenance Providers

Handling bills has never been easier. Instead of sorting through mounds of paperwork and spending time reconciling invoices, you can receive one monthly statement for all your fleet maintenance vendors and verify transactions with an easy-to-read report.

This process also eliminates late fees and interest, as Fleetio pays your shops for completed work within 48 hours.

Another benefit to outsourcing maintenance is the access to competitive pricing and expert technicians. Usually, national providers save discounts for large fleets, but smaller fleets can now receive national pricing and discounts with our Maintenance Provider Network.

Our Maintenance Provider Network gives you access to exclusive discounts and sends all maintenance data to Fleetio for ease of access. With the Fleetio Maintenance Shop Directory, managers and drivers can search for trusted shops nearby to manage maintenance.

While we have a network of over 7,000 national providers and 30,000 independent shops, you can invite your usual shops to join our network to automatically receive their data.


Track and Analyze Service History and Maintenance Records

As we’ve mentioned, getting a single, consolidated monthly bill eliminates hours of back office work, and automatic service data imports into Fleetio keeps you on top of maintenance. Those benefits also extend to one of the most important aspects of fleet management: tracking and analyzing operations data.

Many organizations have to wait weeks while outsourced maintenance data is entered into their system. With Fleetio, all repair order data, including detailed line items, is automatically captured, allowing you to create, view and share maintenance reports quickly.

Fleetio gives you the ability to easily access custom fleet reports to get a comprehensive view into maintenance expenses and monitor servicing. Not only do you gain insight into maintenance costs, you can also better understand service trends across your fleet.

Reducing fleet costs is a constant challenge for fleet managers, and many are seeing the value of outsourcing maintenance. Fleetio allows you to not only outsource your maintenance and repairs, but maintain control and improve workflows with no added cost.

To determine your return on investment (ROI) when using Fleetio, use our ROI calculator. View projected savings based on your fleet size for outsourced maintenance, as well as other items such as inspections and asset downtime.

With maintenance being one of your largest ongoing expenses, it’s crucial to have visibility into all aspects of servicing. Fleetio’s Outsourced Maintenance Automation feature not only helps you manage vendors and consolidate billing, it provides visibility into all aspects of your fleet's data.

Fleetio streamlines your outsourced maintenance operations and consolidates billing all while helping you save on servicing with our Maintenance Shop Directory. Start your free trial of Fleetio or request a demo today!

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