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Laura Flowers

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Dec 11, 2020

4 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

4 Ways to Improve Tool Inventory Tracking

Implementing a power tool inventory tracking system ensures you stay informed of power tool assignments and maintain accurate counts on your power tools and small equipment.


What Do the Best Power Tool Inventory Tracking Systems Offer?

No matter how many power tools you manage, power tool inventory tracking is essential. Keeping your power tools and small equipment organized ensures you know when, where and how your power tools are being used.

Many fleet managers struggle with monitoring power tool inventory due to a lack of real-time power tool visibility. Whiteboards and spreadsheets don’t provide comprehensive insight into your power tools, and they often cause inefficiencies due to inaccurate data.

Though manually tracking power tool inventory is cumbersome, there’s an alternative solution. power tool tracking software allows you to automate inventory counts and track power tools in real time.

A web-based power tool inventory tracking system allows managers complete visibility into power tool location and assignments. With comprehensive visibility, you can monitor productivity and keep your team accountable when power tools are lost or damaged.

Here are a few ways you can improve your power tool inventory tracking system.

1. Increase Accountability With Power Tool Assignments

Managing power tool assignments with unorganized whiteboards and paper cause confusion that impacts your team’s productivity. If you’re managing power tools across multiple jobsites, this can be even more cumbersome, as you have a limited view of power tool location and availability.

Using a web-based power tool inventory tracking system to manage assignments is the best way to keep your team informed. Managers can assign power tools in software, and team members can instantly view assignments in a mobile app.

Power tool assignments allow users to see which power tools are available, in-use or out-of-service. Because you may not be at the jobsite to answer questions, this level of clarity keeps your team in sync.

Power tool tracking software also boosts team accountability by giving operators a sense of ownership and responsibility. When a power tool is missing or damaged, managers can access a complete audit trail of use and act accordingly.

2. Leverage a Mobile App for Simple Power Tool Checkouts

Your team is on a tight schedule, and wasting time with paper power tool checkout forms can slow down their workday. Simplifying power tool checkouts with a mobile app is the best way to keep your team productive and on schedule.

The best power tool inventory tracking software allows users to check-in and out power tools quickly via mobile app. Your team can access power tool availability and assign power tools to themselves instantly.

Instead of bulky barcode scanners, users can scan barcodes, QR codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) tags with their mobile device. Once scanned, they can quickly assign themselves to a power tool and start their day. Learn more about NFC and its benefits for fleets here.

Managers can access power tool assignments in real time to monitor productivity and track which power tools are currently in use. Having complete insight into power tools and equipment ensures you can effectively manage every aspect of your operations.

3. Maintain Accurate Power Tool Inventory Counts

Do you know exactly how many power tools you manage? While most managers would answer yes, inaccurate power tool counts are more common than you think.

Without an accurate power tool inventory count, you may not realize when power tools are lost until you need them—causing downtime while you run to the hardware store. On the opposite side of the coin, you may have forgotten power tools that could be utilized to boost productivity.

Managing power tool inventory tracking with static spreadsheets results in outdated information and inaccurate numbers. Leveraging power tool tracking software automates inventory counts and allows you to easily update numbers in real time.

By storing every detail of your power tools in a centralized software, you can ensure your power tools stay organized and are used effectively. Managers can track value, status, location and other data in their dashboard to maintain a close eye on inventory.

Routinely comparing physical power tool counts with current data ensures your software is up-to-date and all power tools are accounted for. Managers can edit power tool details and values as new power tools are acquired and old power tools are disposed of to keep information current.


4. Track Power Tools Across Multiple Locations

As we mentioned earlier, fleet managers aren’t always on-site to monitor assets. With such a busy schedule, mobility is essential when it comes to power tool inventory tracking.

Leveraging power tool tracking software keeps you informed where, when and who is using your power tools. Instead of sorting through spreadsheets or traveling to jobsites or warehouses to track down missing equipment, you can maintain a comprehensive view of inventory from anywhere.

One of the most powerful features of power tool tracking software is the ability to track both current and historical power tool data. Maintaining a complete record of historical data allows you to create an audit trail of usage, improving accountability and helping you understand how power tools are utilized.

Managers can create configurable reports to share with stakeholders regarding power tool value, assignments and more. Having all power tool data at your fingertips allows you to make the best decisions regarding future operations.

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