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"I love having the ability to implement feedback items and wow customers and make them happy."

Richard Young
Principal Software Engineer

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"I am given the target to aim for and then the freedom to hit it in the way I feel best."

Nick Redfoot
Senior Software Engineer

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Our Engineering philosophy


We strive to deliver quality software to our customers swiftly and continuously. We align our teams, tools and our software development process to deploy top-notch value multiple times a day. We continue to build on that momentum.


We own our work end-to-end. Our sense of ownership comes from the pride in our craft, the quality of the value we aspire to deliver and the deep-rooted care we have for our customers.

Product First

Our high ownership character extends into how our engineers think about their role in adding value to our products. Our engineers care about the product as a whole and are not just feature-focused. We are a product-focused group.


We are always eager to learn and acquire knowledge. We continuously look for opportunities to learn from each other, our customers, the tech industry, our successes and our failures.


We rely on data to help guide our actions and decision making, measure our progress.

Default To Action

We believe indecision is the worst decision. When in ambiguity, we choose to take action using our intuitive intelligence, course correct as necessary and learn from any mistakes.

Work-Life Balance

We enable our teams to focus intensely to get things done at work and leave work with satisfaction that allows them to focus on life.

Remote Friendly

We fully embrace remote work and trust our team members. We care about putting a talented team together that is professional and can deliver the results from any location.


We pause to celebrate! 🎉

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