Farm Equipment Maintenance Management Software

Simplify equipment management while minimizing risks

Keep your farm equipment and vehicles running smoothly with fleet management software. Fleetio provides all of the tools to maximize profitability and the lifespan of your farm equipment. Streamline your maintenance workflow, assess equipment statuses and manage expenses while mitigating safety risks and preventing downtime.

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Manage your entire fleet in a single software solution

  • Centralize your relevant fleet data

    Maintain equipment and vehicle records in a secured system for easy access. Satisfy your fleet’s operational needs with a comprehensive database to track your mobile assets.

  • Reduce communication bottlenecks

    Receive instant notifications for issues from anywhere with the Fleetio Go app. Leverage inspection results and service reminders to assist with maintenance needs and get real-time status updates.

  • Track vital fleet activity and ensure safety across your operation

    Stay informed without the use of paper processes or spreadsheets. Keep assets well maintained to avoid injury risks and downtime. Automate processes plus develop reports to visualize data and reveal detailed expense breakdowns.

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Streamline your equipment preventive maintenance process

Unify your maintenance process into a single system. Maximize the lifespan of your farm equipment and sustain productivity with preventive maintenance schedules. Manage inventory, create and approve work order requests, review progress and expenses. Learn More

  • Set service reminders to improve preventive maintenance
  • Create, schedule and assign work orders
  • Automate your inventory management and prevent stock-outs
  • Seamlessly communicate with technicians and drivers
  • Simplify purchase orders and control expenses
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“Fleetio has been one of the best, if not the most valuable SaaS we’ve invested in. It has completely revamped the way we have taken care of and operate our fleet.”

Chris, Houston

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Define the true total cost of ownership for each asset

Calculate the true total cost of ownership (TCO) for each piece of equipment. Understand the true cost of each of your assets to stay within budget and make informed decisions when considering new equipment. Learn More

  • Expense tracking and operating costs
  • Total fleet operating cost by month
  • Cost per mile (or km or hour) trends
  • Configurable reports to share with other stakeholders

Leverage electronic equipment and vehicle inspections to avoid downtime

Pinpoint issues and take action to alleviate safety concerns and breakdowns. Empower operators to conduct inspections from their mobile devices. Track inspection results from anywhere, address issues and initiate maintenance requests when appropriate to enhance productivity. Learn More

  • Offline mobile access
  • Operator instructions
  • Create maintenance service reminders
  • Upload photos and comments
  • Leverage electronic DVIRs to ensure compliance
  • Data consistency - Odometer entries

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