Fleet software for manufacturing companies

Automate your fleet operations with Fleetio

We know your fleet operations are complex

Asset Downtime

Vehicle and equipment downtime causes project delays and potential failure to meet deadlines.

Government Mandates

There are government safety mandates for heavy-duty equipment, and you must remain compliant to mitigate risks and avoid legal complications.

Various Locations

Your fleet is constantly moving and it can be difficult to locate your drivers and equipment.

Fleet software that makes things simpler for
manufacturing fleets

Reduce Asset Downtime

Create digital workflows to instantly report vehicle issues to the right people, accelerating issue resolution.

Ensure Compliance

Stay on top of government safety mandates with regular vehicle and equipment inspections, using our customizable electronic inspection forms. Set reminders for important dates so you don’t miss future deadlines.

Track Drivers

Keep constant tabs on your drivers and equipment with our smartphone-based fleet GPS tracking solution.

"Fleetio has been one of the best, if not the most valuable tools we’ve invested in. It has completely, and I mean totally, revamped the way we have taken care of and operate our fleet."

Chris Mondeau

Technology Coordinator, McCorvey Sheet Metal Works

Since implementing Fleetio Drive, dispatch saves 2.5 hours daily, drivers save 15 to 30 minutes daily and McCorvey saves 76 percent on its annual fleet GPS tracking software costs.

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