School Bus Fleet Management Software

Automate fleet operations to maximize uptime and improve safety

Enhance fleet efficiency and optimize maintenance processes with school bus fleet management software. Fleetio increases asset visibility to help you safeguard your assets, drivers and passengers. Track maintenance and inspections in a single system to monitor asset performance and gain insight into utilization and spending.

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Capture all of your fleet’s data on a single platform

  • Comprehensively track and store fleet information

    Manage every detail of your school bus fleet in easy-to-use software to maximize asset lifespan and improve fleet efficiency. Fleetio is a complete system of record for your fleet, allowing you to access information like maintenance data and expense reports anytime, anywhere.

  • Increase visibility and communication across your fleet

    Manage assets in real time and stay connected to your team to maximize fleet efficiency. School bus fleet management software keeps you connected to drivers through a mobile app to streamline communication, address issues quickly and monitor asset safety.

  • Centralize your data by integrating current systems

    Track and manage all of your fleet’s data in one place to get a complete view of your fleet’s performance. Fleetio pairs with other systems, like telematics devices and fuel cards, to extend the value of your fleet’s data. View our App Directory

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Increase maintenance efficiencies with automated workflows

Guaranteeing the safety of your school buses is paramount. Fleetio streamlines maintenance workflows from end-to-end, helping ensure your buses are in safe operating condition. Create and manage mobile work orders, control maintenance costs and automate repair approvals to efficiently manage maintenance efforts. Learn More

  • Create service reminders to improve preventive maintenance
  • Schedule and assign work orders
  • Automate inventory management to prevent stock-outs
  • Efficiently with technicians and drivers
  • Record and monitor service history
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"I would highly recommend Fleetio to anyone or any organization that is looking to maintain their vehicles on time and with record keeping accuracy. We have saved thousands of dollars because of this system."

Patrick Galloway

Service Manager, Kid One Transport

Identify issues and meet compliance regulations with mobile inspections

Go paperless and conduct fast, thorough mobile inspections in the field. Fleetio’s mobile app enables fleets to maintain airtight compliance, secure the safety of your passengers and identify issues quickly with tailored inspection forms. Receive real-time inspection results to jumpstart the maintenance process and address issues immediately. Learn More

  • Offline mobile access
  • Upload photos and comments
  • Mobile reminders
  • Compliance
  • Data consistency - odometer entries
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Leverage configurable reports to monitor spending and utilization

Managing your school bus fleet’s operations with Fleetio provides a vast amount of up-to-date, actionable data. View and share configurable reports to spot trends across your assets, monitor fuel consumption and track service history. Calculate your fleet’s true total cost of ownership (TCO) to make data-driven decisions and control your bottom line. Learn More

  • Service line items and cost summaries
  • Fuel consumption trends
  • Downtime reporting
  • Average mileage per day (utilization) by vehicle or group
  • Vehicle operation costs (fuel and maintenance)
  • Total fleet operating cost by month

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