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Case Studies

The Parking Spot

Nationwide airport parking and shuttle service adopts Fleetio Inspections to move to a more thorough, electronic-based inspections process.

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The Parking Spot

Type: Transportation


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  • fleet-maintenance
  • fuel-management

Company Objectives:

  1. Save time completing vehicle inspections
  2. Address vehicle issues more efficiently
  3. Store pre- and post-trip inspections electronically in one location

The Parking Spot is a near airport parking and shuttle service with 38 locations at 21 airports across the United States. The fleet consists of 400 shuttle buses. The company’s number one priority is providing a comfortable and safe experience for its guests.

“We consider ourselves a part of the hospitality industry.” Kevin Richardson, Vice President of Operations

An outdated, inefficient process

Before Fleetio, The Parking Spot was using a paper-based inspection process, storing hard copies of all pre- and post-trip inspection forms in boxes.

This process, at time, presented storage, data retention and data collection issues. The stored forms took up valuable space and were difficult to use for reporting and determining necessary maintenance. It was easy for drivers to fall under the radar, so they were not compelled to complete the inspection forms thoroughly. Given The Parking Spot’s emphasis on safety and desire to provide the best experience possible for guests and employees, this was an issue that needed to be addressed!

“The Fleetio app is intuitive. It is easy to use and navigate.” Kevin Richardson, VP of Operations

A streamlined inspections solution

The Parking Spot was looking for a fleet maintenance software solution that offered electronic vehicle inspection forms and real-time notification and resolution for fleet vehicle issues. The company wanted a centralized, digital tool it could use to pull fleet-related reports. The fleet maintenance software also had to be customizable and work well with the company’s existing tools. This led the company to Fleetio.

“Having all this vehicle information in one location is very desirable to us. We can have a smaller group of people look at compliance requirements and pool information much faster.” Kevin Richardson, VP of Operations

Fleetio has helped The Parking Spot reduce vehicle downtime, especially during management off-hours while drivers are still working. Facility managers and drivers can now clearly see which vehicles can be operated without having to dig through paper forms and share updates.

The company has also taken advantage of Fleetio’s inspection customization by adding cosmetic items to inspection forms such as body damage and graphics that need replacement. Drivers are also encouraged to provide general vehicle feedback on vehicle inspections forms.

There is greater accountability for drivers, so they are more thorough in the inspection process and take greater care inspecting company vehicles.

Since moving from an antiquated paper-based fleet process to mobile-based Fleetio, the management team has streamlined the process. Instead of sending a lengthy email, updating a log book description or having a conversation to give an update on vehicle status, it simply takes management a few clicks.

“Fleetio is engrained in what we do now.” Kevin Richardson, VP of Operations

The management staff has the Fleetio Dashboard up the entire day to monitor the status of fleet vehicles. Drivers use it at least twice a day to complete pre- and post-trip inspections and log into systems like their GPS tracking software, which is connected to Fleetio. When the company recently opened a new location, Fleetio was rolled out as part of their operations from day one.

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