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Feb 15, 2024

Fleetio Newsroom

Fleetio Launches New EV Management Tools

Solutions allow users to optimize costs, ensure data accuracy and enable proactive maintenance with advanced monitoring and analytics for electric vehicles

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Fleetio, a leading fleet maintenance management software company, today announced the initial rollout of its electric vehicle (EV) management capabilities. This release empowers fleet owners, administrators and organizations of all sizes to take control of their electric vehicle costs and maximize the benefits of electrification. As fleets increase their number of EV assets, this launch provides ways to track costs across their mixed fleet with at-a-glance cost information and data transparency.

Gaining a clear understanding of EV charging costs is critical for informed decision-making. Fleetio’s new features deliver this transparency by capturing every detail of charging sessions, including fees, discounts, duration and energy usage. Users can add this information individually or import it in bulk. This granular insight fuels data-driven decisions and provides confidence in continued EV investment.

Users can assign public charging stations, home addresses or any other charging location for effortless segmentation and customized analysis to simplify charge data management. The integrated Charging Entries Index offers a comprehensive overview of a fleet’s charging activity. This index centralizes everything, including total costs, energy consumption, average mileage and average cost per kilowatt-hour.

“Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do at Fleetio. This launch directly addresses their needs for greater control, transparency and efficiency in managing mixed fleets,” said Esteban Contreras, Vice President of Product Management at Fleetio. “These innovative EV features help businesses make informed decisions, optimize costs and achieve tangible results – whether they’re reducing fuel consumption, improving fleet performance or simply making investments in electrification.”

The new EV features also allow users to automatically generate charging entries, eliminating manual tasks and ensuring data accuracy. Automated charging entries are available initially to Fleetio customers who have access to vehicle sensor data as part of their packaging through Geotab. Users can customize workflows with optional approvals to automatically accept entries or require review before finalization. Managers can stay informed throughout each session with real-time charging data, while also monitoring user-defined thresholds. These monitoring capabilities allow for proactive cost management and complete transparency.

Additionally, Fleetio’s enhanced Vehicle Sensor Chart offers vital data points, including: battery health, charging status and state of charge. This helps bolster proactive maintenance and optimize fleet performance, ensuring maximum return on investment.

With these upgrades, Fleetio empowers users to thrive as electrified transportation becomes more widely adopted within the fleet industry. This launch also solidifies Fleetio’s position as a leading software solution for maximizing fleet efficiency, sustainability and profitability, driving the future of fleet technology.

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Fleetio builds simple, collaborative software that helps fleets of all sizes track, analyze and improve fleet operations. With a mobile-first mindset and focus on automating the fleet operations process through seamless integrations with business solutions like telematics devices, maintenance shops, and fuel cards, Fleetio’s web- and mobile-based technology enables fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, and vendors to access and update fleet data in real-time and get actionable insights like total cost of ownership. With Fleetio, users can manage maintenance, DVIRs, fuel, parts, inventory, vehicle assignments, recalls, and more all in one place. Fleetio powers public and private fleets in more than 100 countries in industries like consumer and business services, construction, transportation, and many others. Visit us at

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