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EV Charge Tracking Public Beta

Electric Vehicles

Manage your EVs alongside your ICE assets. Keep track of your charging costs in the same fleet platform as all of your other fleet expenditures to get a clear picture of your electric vehicles’ total cost of ownership.

Always know exactly how much you’re spending on charging

Example of Sensor Data in Fleetio

Capture charging costs manually for hands-on control

Generate individual charging entries or bulk upload from an existing spreadsheet so your EV data can live alongside the rest of your assets’ data in Fleetio.

Keep useful EV data from slipping through the cracks

Easily track associated costs like fees and discounts – as well as important charging data points like charging vendors, charging duration, energy price and energy used – for streamlined, comprehensive EV cost tracking.

Know the costs of operating EVs in comparison to other assets

Report on the true costs associated with running a fleet of mixed assets in order to make informed decisions when purchasing future fleet vehicles.

Report on key EV charging metrics

Energy Usage

Charging Cost

Distance Traveled

Average Cost per Kilowatt Hour

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