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2024 Fleet Benchmarking Report

How does your operation's data stack up to other fleets in your industry? Our Fleet Benchmarking Report can help you not only gauge your performance, but also uncover new opportunities to improve your fleet processes and stay ahead of your competition.

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How many vehicles, trailers and/or heavy equipment (e.g. bulldozers, skid steers, etc.) are in your fleet?

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Gain insider fleet knowledge

How long are vehicles spending in the shop on average?

How much are fleets spending on maintenance?

Which industry has the highest cost per mile?

Fleet Management System

Find actionable insights in industry data

  • Optimize your vehicle replacement timelines with insights on vehicle age
  • Reduce fuel costs by analyzing fuel expenditure and distance traveled
  • Explore how fleet costs change over time and how to plan for it
  • Compare the benefits of outsourced versus in-house maintenance
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