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Breakdown Risk Calculator

When it comes to unplanned downtime, a little can go a long way – something as simple as a missed oil change can derail your whole operation. How much could your process cost you?

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How are you keeping up with oil changes?

The Cost of a Missed Oil Change

Maintenance is one of the biggest expenses your fleet will face, but the costs of missed maintenance can be catastrophic. Here are a few risks of a missed oil change.

Engine Failure


Engine Repair


Engine Replacement

Sludge Buildup

$50 - $100+

Engine Oil Flush & Change

$100 - $500+

Professional Engine Cleaning Service

$100 - $1,000+

Repair of Engine Components Affected by Sludge

Oil Leaks

$100 - $1,000+

Repaired Gaskets or Seals

For just $7 per vehicle per month, you can avoid unnecessary and costly breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns are preventable with preventive maintenance. With Fleetio, you can receive alerts for upcoming service needs, based on up-to-date odometer readings.

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We were being reactive instead of proactive. [Before Fleetio], our repair costs were above a half a million dollars, for sure, and we had a smaller fleet then. We minimized that down to around $350,000.

Herman VanDenBoegart


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A predictable, mileage-based preventive maintenance schedule is the best strategy for ensuring your assets receive regular service. Refer to your OEM recommendations to determine your optimal service cadences and develop a recurring PM service schedule that you can effectively track, either through a more traditional maintenance spreadsheet or modernized fleet management software.
  • There’s no one right answer to a question like this – it will depend on your assets, budget and priorities. You should always refer to your OEM recommendations for guidance on oil changes when deciding between synthetic and conventional. Synthetic oils generally have better longevity and lower volatility than conventional oil, but can also cost up to twice as much.
  • Different vehicles have different needs, but the standard interval is an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Vehicles operated by fleets are considered high-use and require extra attention to ensure that maintenance intervals are not missed. Consult your OEM handbook for recommendations specific to your vehicle.

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