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IFTA Reporting and Tax Filing

Simplify your IFTA reporting and tax filing process

Quarterly IFTA reporting can be a hassle for fleets. With Fleetio, you can report on fuel usage across multiple jurisdictions in a fraction of the time. Remain compliant with a dedicated IFTA reconciling tool and automate fuel data collection.

Optimize asset utilization based on fuel consumption trends

Aggregate your fuel data by location with Fleetio’s Fuel Summary by Location Report. Prepare your fuel entries by state, region or province and fuel type while eliminating data entry. It’s like having your own dedicated IFTA reporting assistant.

  • Organize fuel transactions by location (state/region/province) and fuel type
  • Streamline the IFTA reporting process
  • Export fuel data by location with one click
  • Reduce clerical errors from manual data entry

Explore Fuel Summary by Location Reports

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