Seamless fleet management integration

Fleetio’s API provides customers with endless integration opportunities.

Data stored in Fleetio can be utilized in other third-party systems, and Fleetio data such as vehicle records and maintenance logs can even be updated in real time by other software applications, all without bulk imports and exports.

We even drink our own Kool Aid! The Fleetio API is used to power our mobile apps Fleetio Go and Fleetio Parts— helping fleets manage critical asset data on the go.

Example Use Cases

Accounting Automation

Pulling service entries and work orders from Fleetio into an accounting software like Quickbooks or Xero eliminating double entry into both the accounting software and the fleet management system.

Custom Apps

Getting mileage updates from a custom field technician application.

Company Dashboard

Listing overdue reminders or issues in a reporting or dashboard software such as Geckoboard or Leftronic.

Custom Reports

Pulling Fleetio data into a "big data" or Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tool like Chartio or

Learn what API integration means for your fleet management and business operations.

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