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Sensor Data Snapshots

Sensor Data in Fleetio brings a whole new level of fleet diagnostics front and center. View tire pressure, battery voltage and more in real time, and easily create an issue directly from sensor data readings for swift resolution.
*Currently requires Geotab or Samsara connected telematics devices.

Leverage sensor data to surface, create, troubleshoot and resolve issues

Example of Sensor Data in Fleetio

Catch unplanned downtime before it happens

Fleets can stay apprised of asset health and monitor common problems using sensor data. Sensor data allows fleets to accurately identify potential asset issues before they result in significant downtime and provides technicians with more context so they can tackle the problem effectively.

Capture and store real-time asset data

Fleets can use sensor data collected from telematics sensors to manually create, review and analyze asset issues in Fleetio. Take a “snapshot” of selected sensor data and attach it to a new or existing issue to improve issue resolution and enrich service history data.

Access a thorough audit trail of asset maintenance and issues

Because sensor data is captured and stored alongside vehicle issues and maintenance histories, fleets can quickly surface persistent issues. This information can help determine whether an asset needs to be serviced, changed to a better-suited preventive maintenance schedule or even replaced.

Track the real-time health of your assets using sensor data snapshots*

*Sensor data capabilities vary, depending on the telematics provider and vehicle specifications.

Tire Pressure

Battery Voltage

Oil Pressure

Fuel Level

Coolant Temperature

Ignition Status

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