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Third-party Maintenance Management

Do More with Fleetio's In-Network Shops

Easily find in-network shops to resolve service needs and fully automate your authorization and transactional workflows, all while maintaining control and real-time visibility of your fleet maintenance activities within Fleetio.

Manage outsourced service activities with Fleetio's Maintenance Provider Network

Managing third-party maintenance in Fleetio

1.Choose a nearby provider from our network of 100,000+ repair shops

2.Review the shop's service recommendations or set auto-approval policies

3.Consolidate billing statements and pay monthly at no additional cost

4. Automatically log service records and expenses for detailed reporting

Benefits of using Fleetio's Provider Network

Example of a service entry in Fleetio

Seamless efficiency

Track third-party maintenance within your existing Fleetio setup. Simplify maintenance workflows with automated scheduling, real-time updates and comprehensive tracking.

Cost savings

Gain detailed insights into all of your maintenance expenses and identify opportunities for savings. Factor service costs into the total cost of ownership of each asset to make informed decisions and optimize your budget.

Improved compliance

Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations. Working with third-party shops in Fleetio ensures all maintenance activities are documented and accessible in comprehensive service histories.

Constant support

Coordinate service for fleet assets, even when they're outside of your service area. Outsource complex issues to avoid downing a technician or bay in your shop for an extended time.

Case Study with R.T. Moore

There's trucks we have that go to different shops all the time – sometimes shops try to quote us something and I have been able to look in there and see that we've had that done recently. So we were able to catch them trying to quote us out something ridiculous and get a second opinion. We catch stuff like that all the time.

Tim Andrews

R.T. Moore

How to start working with in-network shops

To start taking advantage of Fleetio's third-party maintenance providers, navigate to the Shop Integration tab under Service in your access panel.

Setup Account

Frequently Asked Questions

  • See our national providers in our Maintenance Shop Network or log into your Fleetio account and visit the Shop Directory to see which local shops are already included.
  • Manage all third-party maintenance without having to leave Fleetio. Choose a nearby provider from our network of 100,000+ repair shops, review and approve their recommendations, and automatically get a log of all services and costs alongside your other fleet data.
  • No fees or costs! The maintenance provider network is included in your Fleetio subscription for the following plans: Pro (Legacy), Professional, Advanced (Legacy) and Premium. There are no additional costs passed on by Fleetio for using this feature.
  • You can manually approve items or set up rules for auto-approvals or rejections based on cost, provider or by specific line items. For example, you can set up rules to approve any transaction under $75, or to always approve transactions at Bob’s Auto. You can also automatically reject items like wiper blades to ensure that shops don’t sneak these charges onto a Repair Order.

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