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We've Updated Our Subscription Plans

Whether you're a small business with simple needs or managing a large fleet with complex demands, our new subscription plans are designed to give you the features you need, when you need them the most.

Subscription Plans that Grow with You

Choose from three plans, each carefully curated to deliver more value while helping you scale your fleet maintenance processes:


For smaller fleets to organize vehicle inventory & manage inspections


For growing fleets to improve service tracking, communication & reporting


For advanced fleets to integrate fleet systems & customize workflows

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What To Expect

Access to New Features

To give you more visibility into your fleet maintenance process, our new packages include highly-requested features around tire management, warranty management, sensor data, and more.

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Subscription Plan Updates

Your current plan will no longer be available upon your next renewal, and you will need to select a new plan. We'll provide you with a new plan recommendation that best matches your current plan, feature usage, and fleet size to set you on the right path.

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Stay Tuned

Prior to your next renewal, we'll reach out to you with more information and next steps for moving into one of our new subscription plans. Watch for more information to come via email and within the Fleetio platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will need to update your Fleetio Go app to the latest version to ensure you are receiving the latest features and updates available. For the best experience with Fleetio Go, we recommend setting up automatic updates.
  • When your plan is up for renewal, you’ll need to select one of our new plans moving forward. Your current plan will no longer be available. We’ll provide you with a new plan recommendation that best matches your current plan, feature usage, and fleet size. You may choose our plan recommendation or select another plan that you feel is best aligned with the needs of your fleet. If you do not select a new plan, you will be migrated to the plan we have recommended for you on your renewal date.
  • Our new subscription plans have been redesigned to:
    • Offer options that allow your Fleetio plan to grow along with you and scale your fleet maintenance operations as your business needs change over time.
    • Provide more flexibility with pricing that’s based on the plan you selected AND your fleet size. You’ll have the ability to move up and down within the fleet size range you selected without having to adjust your contract each time you add a vehicle.
    • Deliver additional options around the features you told us you need the most, including Warranty Management, Tire Management, Enhanced Service Tasks with Parts and Labor.
  • No, you will still be able to log into Fleetio with the exact same credentials. Plus, since Fleetio is cloud-based, you're not required to update any software on your computer to access the new features.
  • No, the price of our Equipment Management add-on features will remain the same.
  • Yes. While we have not changed our pricing in several years, our new plans come with a slight price increase, guaranteeing our ability to invest in technology that provides you with the best fleet maintenance solution in the industry. We've also added more flexibility to our plans by allowing you to select 'fleet size ranges.' For example, if you have 17 assets and select a fleet size range of 16-20, you have the flexibility to add 3 more assets before having to adjust your contract. View our new plans and pricing.

Have Questions?

We'll be reaching out to you with next steps prior to your renewal. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact us at