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Computerized Maintenance Management System

CMMS Software for Fleet & Equipment Maintenance

Thousands of organizations rely on Fleetio to stay on top of their maintenance operations. Whether you handle your maintenance in-house or outsource service tasks to third parties, our fleet maintenance software enables you to accelerate workflows, closely monitor costs and gain invaluable insights into the health of your fleet. And by automatically generating preventive maintenance schedules and streamlining inspections through digitization, Fleetio even helps extend the lives of assets while reducing upkeep expenses.

Key Benefits

Centralize your data

Reduce expenses

Minimize downtime

Enhance visibility

Eliminate paper

Foster collaboration

Automate workflows

Improve decision-making

Why our customers love Fleetio

"Like being able to to add our landscaping assets as well as our vehicle."

Robert S.

Robert S.

Cape Fear Landscaping

"Fleetio is a very efficient, user-friendly, FAST, and modern system."

Noah D.

Noah D.

Kroger Logistics

"Bringing in a tool that brings all the data into one centralized location to make informed decisions and help guide our business was critical."

Chloe G.

Chloe G.


"After collecting enough data we were able to retire the right vehicles and cut costs drastically."

Daniel F.

Daniel F.

T&G Sand & Gravel

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Our CMMS software features

Preventive Maintenance Image

Preventive maintenance

Get access to a whole host of features designed to make sticking to a consistent preventive maintenance schedule as easy as possible. As soon as you add a vehicle into the system, you can automatically generate a PM schedule that follows the recommendations of its original equipment manufacturer (OEM). From there, you can schedule maintenance, customize service tasks, intervals and due thresholds to your exact liking either on a per-vehicle basis or across their entire fleet. And to ensure service actions never end up forgotten, Fleetio automatically sends a notification for upcoming service needs. Learn more about Preventive Maintenance.

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Compliance inspections image

Compliance inspections

By digitizing the inspection process, you can document the condition of your vehicles more efficiently and effectively. Via computer or mobile device, you can complete FMCSA-compliant driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs), submit photos and write comments to provide additional information. All submissions are automatically saved in Fleetio, so you can save considerable time over traditional paper processes (without the costs of adding new hardware). And thanks to a robust custom form builder, you can tailor their inspection forms to meet your exact criteria. Learn more about Compliance inspections.

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Work orders image

Work orders

Streamline nearly every aspect of managing your work orders, creating and assigning digital work orders in just a few clicks. The ability to instantly add reported vehicle issues, scheduled service tasks and detailed line items provides technicians with the information they need and enables granular resource tracking. Together, these features allow fleets to instantly see cost trends, track parts and labor spend with specific vendors, monitor service duration for individual WOs and more. Learn more about Work orders.

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Issue management image

Issue management

To prevent minor defects from snowballing into major breakdowns, Fleetio makes reporting and taking action on vehicle and equipment issues as streamlined as possible. Because issues can arise anywhere, you can report issues via the Fleetio Go mobile app. Additionally, to save you time, issue reports are automatically opened in response to failed inspection reports and diagnostic trouble code (DTC) alerts. Once an issue is reported, you can instantly link that issue to an in-house work order or coordinate with an external shop from within Fleetio thanks to its Maintenance Provider Network. Collaborating and tracking progress on issues is also made easy thanks to mobile notifications and the ability to communicate with team members. Learn more about Issue management.

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Reporting image


Whether you’re talking about costs, usage or fuel consumption, data is an invaluable resource to fleets of all sizes and industries. Fleetio features a wealth of dashboards and reporting tools to provide you with complete visibility over your operations and actionable insights you can use when making decisions. To help optimize resource allocation and financial forecasting, Fleetio gives you complete control over how you analyze your data. From looking at total operating costs month over month or narrowing in on a specific group of vehicles, you can run the numbers as macro or granular as you like. What’s more, a plethora of easy-to-read visualization options, filtering controls and adjustable date ranges further provide you with even more customizability. Learn more about Reporting.

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Mobile app image

Mobile app

Fleetio Go empowers your team with the ability to access and update fleet information from anywhere. Fully native for iOS and Android, Fleetio Go takes full advantage of mobile device capabilities by supporting barcode scanning, NFC encoding, photo capturing and GPS tracking. By providing a personalized view for every user, the app helps drivers, technicians and fleet managers start their days productively. Additionally, thanks to notifications, your personnel can respond to issues and maintenance processes as needed and collaborate with their peers in real-time. Learn more about the Mobile app.

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Our unique approach to CMMS

Since day one, Fleetio has been designed to be a CMMS specifically for organizations with mission-critical vehicles. As a result, Fleetio offers a wide range of vehicle-related features that more generalized CMMSs typically lack.

For example, Fleetio automatically populates OEM-suggested maintenance schedules for each of your vehicles to spare you from having to find those recommendations on your own. In addition to saving you time, this feature makes staying up-to-date with the latest guidance and meeting warranty standards noticeably easier.

Fleetio is also distinct from other CMMSs when it comes to outsourced maintenance. From within Fleetio, you can search from nearly 100,000 national and independent maintenance shops to find the ones best-suited for your fleet. And once you select a shop and start working with them, you can approve or reject repair orders down to the line-item level without ever having to make a phone call. This granular control over repair orders ensures you aren’t met with any surprise bills.

And finally, Fleetio boasts a wide range of integrations broader CMMSs likely don’t support. Many of the most recognizable names in telematics and fuel cards are fully integrated with Fleetio. This allows you to closely monitor vehicle performance and fuel spending all within the system you already use to stay on top of fleet maintenance.

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