Vehicle Inspection App

Maintain airtight compliance with electronic vehicle inspections

Vehicle inspections can be a headache.

Relieve drivers from the burden of paper forms and improve inspection quality, all from our vehicle inspection app. 0 inspection items submitted to date!

Save Time

Conduct inspections, submit photos and add comments all from your mobile device. With less to enter and data automatically saved in Fleetio, you'll save loads of time over traditional paper processes without costly added hardware.

Be Compliant

Schedule vehicles for inspections and alert drivers when inspections are due. Inspection history is accessible through Fleetio Go at anytime, ensuring drivers can produce necessary reports for law enforcement.

Address Issues Immediately

Customize notifications and take action instantly when inspections criteria fail. Instead of waiting for paper forms to cross their desks, administrators are alerted to issues promptly and your vehicles can get back on the road faster.

"We reduced our time spent on vehicle inspections by 65% and hourly maintenance costs by $3,500 in the first 45 days."

Josue Zavala

Fleet Manager,
Zerorez Atlanta

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Eliminate paperwork and stay compliant

Unlike paper-based forms, electronic inspection reports are accessible anytime, anywhere with Fleetio.

Build custom forms or choose from a template (DOT, MOT, etc.)
Address issues immediately with automated failure workflows
Track work completed and maintain accountability

Quickly resolve issues

Create efficiency and maximize uptime with an end-to-end issue management system.

Mobile defect and automated issue reporting
Add Issues to Work Orders and assign to mechanics
Due date management and overdue notifications
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Complete maintenance workflows with work orders

Plan, schedule and track detailed maintenance tasks and costs.

Create from reported issues and failed inspections
Track work completed and parts used
Understand detailed cost of service

Ensure inspection integrity

Track the GPS location of every inspection item on a form, alerting you to potential untrustworthy submissions.

Get instant alerts
Customize proximity and distance and adjust thresholds
See GPS location for every inspection item
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Get actionable fleet reports

Get a better picture of overall vehicle health and performance trends.

Increase visibility into failed items and issues
Track asset reliability & durability
View cost data in real time

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