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Laura Flowers

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Sep 4, 2019

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

DVIR: How Going Digital Can Help You Avoid Violations

Recently, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released results from the 2019 International Roadcheck. Inspectors tagged over 23 percent of inspected vehicles with out-of-service violations. To avoid violations and reduce downtime, many fleets are switching to digital Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).


2019 CVSA International Roadcheck Results

On June 4-6, 2019, CVSA inspectors conducted 67,072 commercial motor vehicles (CMV) inspections{:target="blank"} across the U.S. and Canada for its International Roadcheck.

The International Roadcheck identifies and removes unsafe CMVs and drivers from roadways. Failing a regulatory inspection can severely impact your fleet, causing increased downtime and potential fines.

Inspectors removed 12,019 vehicles due to critical vehicle inspection item violations, and 2,784 drivers were placed out-of-service for driver-related violations.

Common vehicle violations included braking systems, tires, wheels and cargo securement, while common driver violations included hours of service, wrong class license and false logs.

In order to keep your fleet safe, compliant and on the roadways, your drivers should be conducting thorough Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR). Though DVIRs have been time-consuming in the past, leveraging fleet management software for inspections can reduce time spent on DVIR by 65 percent.

Going Digital with eDVIR

In the U.S., DVIRs are required for all commercial fleets. They ensure your fleet is safe and compliant, and they allow you to be proactive in preventive maintenance.

Many fleets are still using paper DVIR, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Paper reports are difficult to keep up with and are easily misplaced or damaged. Issues aren’t immediately reported to fleet managers, slowing down the repair process.

Switching to a digital system for your DVIR increases efficiency and provides clarity in issue reporting. Electronic DVIR (eDVIR) allows drivers to conduct comprehensive inspections in a mobile app, providing fleet managers real-time inspection results to quickly resolve issues.

With eDVIR, drivers are able to complete inspections via clicks and swipes and add photos and comments to any inspection item. This allows drivers to be clearer in their reporting and gives fleet managers a better understanding of the issue at hand.

Streamline the Inspection Process

Fleet management software provides an end-to-end inspection process that promotes communication and productivity within your team.

eDVIR issues and results are logged in a centralized location, where data is transferred instantly, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot individual vehicles. This allows you to see inspections trends across your fleet and keep an organized record of data.

Immediate reporting via email and mobile reminders allows you to prepare your maintenance strategy before the vehicle returns to the lot. When inspection items fail during your eDVIR, fleet management software can create automated failure workflows, helping you take action and stay organized.

To ensure your drivers are completing eDVIR on time, fleet management software allows you to set mobile reminders to alert drivers when inspections are due. You can also monitor driver integrity by tracking the GPS location of every inspection item on a form to alert you to questionable submissions.

Using eDVIR makes it easy for drivers to comply with safety regulations and help you take a proactive stance on preventive maintenance. These practices ensure you’re maximizing uptime, ensuring safety and avoiding hefty fines.

Reminder: CVSA Brake Safety Week is September 15-21, 2019

The next big CVSA Roadcheck will be conducted during Brake Safety Week, Sept. 15-21, 2019.

Brake Safety Week is a week-long initiative highlighting the importance of brake safety and ensuring vehicle compliance.

This year, inspectors will focus on brake hoses and tubes to emphasize their importance in the brake system.

When conducting your DVIR over the coming weeks, make it a point to thoroughly check your brake hoses and tubing to avoid violations during Brake Safety Week.

Reduce downtime and keep your fleet compliant with eDVIR! Request a demo or start a free trial of Fleetio today.

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