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Peyton Panik

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Nov 29, 2023

5 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Maximizing Fleet Tech ROI: A Strategic Approach for 2024

As we approach a brand-new year, it’s that time again to review and refine fleet budgets. One crucial aspect of this process is taking a look at the software and fleet technologies that you use to power your operations.

Maximizing Fleet Tech ROI: A Strategic Approach for 2024

While many of these solutions can become indispensable tools to help manage fleet managers’ responsibilities, there’s a chance that some might not be delivering the promised functionality that you need out of them as you’re using it in your organization.

Here are two different paths you can take to maximize your return on investment and lower your fleet operating costs in your current fleet tech stack.

Option 1: Optimize your existing software

Not every effort to make your fleet better has to start from ground zero – the best first step in ensuring you’re getting the most bang for your buck is to take a closer look at your existing fleet software.

Contact your customer service representative

Reach out to your account representative and initiate a conversation about how to optimize your use of the software. Customer service representatives really exist to ensure that you’re maximizing the features and capabilities of the software you’re paying for, and they can even be the first touchpoint in generating new features for a software based on your needs and feedback.

Conduct a comprehensive software audit

Audits can help you identify the key functionalities your fleet requires from a specific software platform and cross-reference them with the features your current software offers. Are there features that you’re not utilizing to their full potential? Are there updates or new releases that you may have missed? Your account representative can guide you through this process and help you unlock the full potential of your existing software.

Leverage training and support resources

Many fleet managers underutilize the training and support resources provided by their software partners. Invest some time in training sessions and seek out support when faced with challenges to significantly enhance your team’s proficiency in using the software. This not only ensures you’re getting value for your money but also improves overall operational efficiency.

Some software might even offer certifications that you can use to become a power user of that particular platform, which is not only a benefit to your fleet, but to your resumé. Even if there is no formal training, never underestimate the impact of self-education – there are likely plenty of Reddit threads or informative content on Youtube that might point you in the right direction if you’re facing issues in a particular platform.

Check out the Fleetio Help Center

Explore customization options

Every fleet is unique, and one-size-fits-all solutions may not always address your specific needs. Engage in discussions with your account representative to explore customization options. Tailoring the software to align with your fleet’s distinct requirements can make a world of difference in terms of efficiency and performance, and might not even cost much more than your current plan – an easy tradeoff for better ROI.

Finding the right software

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City needed a better maintenance tracking solution to handle their high-volume fleet. So how did they go about choosing the platform they ended up with?

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Option 2: Consider alternatives

If, after a thorough assessment, you find that your current software isn’t meeting your needs or expectations, it might be time to explore alternative solutions. Before diving into a new software search, however, consider these strategic steps to ensure a seamless transition.

Identify key pain points

Isolate the specific pain points or deficiencies in your current software. What features are lacking? Where does the software fall short in meeting your fleet’s demands? Understanding these pain points will guide you in selecting a replacement that addresses your unique challenges.

Research pre-existing solutions

Before going on the hunt for new software, explore pre-existing solutions within your current software suite. It’s possible that one of your existing providers offers additional modules or features that could fill the gaps, or even integrations that can leverage the parts of software you do use in another format. By leveraging what you already have, you minimize the learning curve and potential disruptions associated with implementing an entirely new system.

Collaborate with industry peers

Networking within the fleet management community can be a goldmine of insights. Reach out to industry peers and colleagues to gather recommendations and insights about alternative software solutions, and read and watch reviews of platforms carefully. Their experiences and perspectives can offer valuable guidance in selecting a software that aligns with your fleet’s needs.

Plan for your transition well in advance

Switching softwares is no easy task, but you can simplify it by having a good plan in place. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your fleet’s data and keep it up to date, and consider exporting all of your data to a secondary location for storage until you’re ready to fully transition. Work with the new vendor to set up a plan for implementation, so you know exactly what timeline you’re working on, and try to stick to it to avoid any breaks in service between your old solution and your new one.

Optimizing your fleet budget is a strategic imperative for each new year, and it can be easy to underemphasize the impact of your tech stack in that process. Whether you choose to optimize your existing software with the help of your account representative or explore alternative solutions, the goal is to ensure that your fleet tech is not just an expense but a strategic asset that propels your operations to new heights.

Remember, the key is to be proactive. Stay ahead of the curve, adapt to the evolving landscape of fleet technology, and make informed decisions that resonate with the unique needs of your fleet. Here’s to a ROI-rich year of fleet tech!

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