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Alex Borg

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Jul 21, 2023

4 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

How Three Plumbing Fleets Found Success with Fleetio

As plumbing businesses expand, their fleet management and maintenance needs often exceed what paper forms and spreadsheets can handle. Fortunately, fleet management systems enable growing organizations to keep tabs on their vehicles, track their expenses and stay on top of their maintenance no matter the scale of their operations.

How Three Plumbing Fleets Found Success with Fleetio

But you don’t have to take my word for it—Fleetio customers are more than happy to share how fleet management software has helped improve their workflows.

By digitizing their operations, these plumbing companies and plumbing-focused mechanical contractors have been able to remove any blockages to maintenance compliance.

How R.T. Moore Unified Their Operations Into One System

Today, R.T. Moore owns a fleet of more than 500 assets and operates from seven locations across Indiana, Ohio and Florida. But even when the mechanical contractor was notably smaller six years ago, their fleet leadership team knew that they needed an upgrade from their paper-based processes.

“Our fleet management system [before Fleetio] wasn’t really a system at all,” said Alex Kennedy, fleet and safety manager for R.T. Moore. “It was pretty… manual, I would say—paper-based, spreadsheets, spread out across a bunch of different people.”

According to Kennedy, back when they were relying on paper, tracking down the service history of an asset could take days or even weeks, which often made managing equipment difficult and burdensome. Recognizing that a company of R.T. Moore’s size needed real-time visibility of the entirety of their fleet operations with far less effort, the company ultimately implemented Fleetio. And ever since, R.T. Moore has used Fleetio as a single source of truth, enabling their personnel to access any information they need at any time and from any device.

“So we have a healthier operation than we’ve ever had before, because of the organization [Fleetio] provides,” Kennedy said.

And in addition to providing complete visibility over their fleet operations, Fleetio has also helped R.T. Moore’s seven locations collaborate more effectively. “With Fleetio, we’re able to collaborate just like we’re next door,” said Kennedy. Lead fleet technician Tim Andrews added “If the owner comes in and wants to know how many trucks are due [for service] in Tipton, Indiana, I can just pull it up with a few clicks of a button.”

Check out our case study of R.T. Moore for more information on what they’ve been able to achieve with Fleetio.

Accelerate your plumbing fleet operations

Ditch paper and spreadsheets

Why Ron the Sewer Rat Ditched Paper for Good

Based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, Ron the Sewer Rat has been providing drain cleaning and sewer inspection services since 1972. Over its half-century in business, the company has grown from a handful of subcontractors to an entire team of technicians supported by around 30 vans. But, until quite recently, the plumbing contractor’s fleet management and maintenance procedures remained largely unchanged. Paper forms and checklists powered their operations, resulting in cascading problems. First and foremost, their inspection forms were cumbersome, both in terms of filling them out and storing them for future reference. As a result, pencil whipping became a rampant issue, which in turn led to vehicle issues being reported far too late.

These challenges ultimately compelled owner Peter Kroening to implement Fleetio. By providing his technicians with an easy to use fleet app for communicating vehicle issues to their third-party mechanic, Kroening believes the company will be able to take a more proactive approach to maintenance.

“So I think, as a technician in the field, you wanna get home and you want simplicity and you don’t wanna call an office, right?” Kroening said. “They get crabby, they get frustrated, they get whatever. And you kind of take some of that too. So I think [techs] leave things out intentionally. So I think a system where they can just say, ‘Hey, I need maintenance,’ and they click a button—I think that we actually stay on top of things better.”

Ron the Sewer Rat is still fairly new to using Fleetio, but early signs suggest that the company is well on its way to leaving their paper-caused problems in the rearview mirror.

How JW Danforth Leverages Integrations to Their Fullest

Founded all the way back in 1884, John W. Danforth Company provides HVAC, plumbing, piping and building electrical controls to all manner of industries throughout the Northeast. After years of being spread thin by spreadsheets, the mechanical contractor implemented Fleetio to make keeping track of their maintenance activities more organized and less labor-intensive. Shortly thereafter, the company had a convenient system of record that provided them with greater visibility of its fleet than ever before.

Then, in 2018, JW Danforth would achieve even greater efficiency gains following the launch of Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration. “Before, we had to go back and look through our records and try to make assessments. We were hunting through paper files and calling up vendors, but now, everything is one place,” explained asset manager Jenniffer Rothschild. Instead of having to create work orders from each of its service requests, the Maintenance Shop Integration provided JW Danforth with a system containing all of their vendors where they could update work orders electronically. Through electronic repair orders and approvals, the company has been able to dramatically streamline its communications with third-party repair shops.

JW Danforth also makes extensive use of Fleetio’s integrations with telematics providers, specifically Geotab. Without having to perform any manual data entry, Fleetio automatically pulls odometer updates which the company then uses to determine optimal maintenance schedules for their assets. Access to all this data enables JW Danforth to keep their assets in tip-top shape and greatly reduce unplanned downtime. Additionally, JW Danforth leverages the automatic diagnostic trouble code (DTC) notifications and vehicle location data provided by the Geotab integration to keep their dispatchers better informed of how their drivers are doing on the road at all times.

For more information about how JW Danforth leverages Fleetio, give our full-length case study a read.

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