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Web and Mobile Work Orders

All-in-one mobile work order tracking software with detailed cost of service.

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Plan, schedule and carry out detailed fleet maintenance work orders, tasks and costs

Efficiently track service work and every associated line item from start to finish and analyze cost of service for your assets.

Stop filling out and sorting through paper work orders

Create and assign electronic work orders to in-house technicians or outsource to third-party vendors all from one place. Add reported vehicle issues, scheduled service tasks and detailed line items with ease and start work immediately.

  • Service duration tracking
  • Detailed cost, labor and parts subtotals
  • Maintenance assignments
  • Custom fields
  • Track supplies, consumables, fees
  • External Work Order management
  • Submit photos and talk-to-text comments
  • Print-friendly PDF
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Manage Work Orders, report vehicle
issues, perform inspections and more.

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Precise line item tracking

Log detailed subtasks, notes, parts and labor rates for each and every service task, giving you complete control over line-item-level data. Fully track the resources needed to complete service tasks.

  • Link issues, DTC alerts directly to line items
  • Complete scheduled service tasks
  • Associate parts costs to individual tasks
  • Add mechanics and labor rates
  • See history of work order updates
  • Automatic inventory adjustments for parts used

Cost of service and operating costs at-a-glance

Measure the resources needed to resolve specific issues or scheduled service tasks. Benchmark costs across your fleet or specific vehicle types and see exactly what it takes to service all your assets.

  • Analyze service as a part of asset’s operating cost
  • View detailed cost of service metrics for specific tasks
  • Track service duration for individual WOs
  • See total cost trends for all assets
  • Track parts and labor spend with individual vendors
  • Consider service in cost per mile (km) trends

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