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Control the chaos of fleet management in the enterprise

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Automate fleet operations with Fleetio

Modern, User-focused Technology

Fleetio offers continuous software upgrades, evolving technology, real-time support and does not require any hardware investment. Our platform is built on years of fleet experience and feedback from thousands of users.

Data-driven Decisions

Make informed fleet decisions using real-time data. Import or export data as needed. Dig deep into your fleet’s fuel efficiency, total cost of operation, cost per mile and more. Take advantage of robust, segmented reporting to evaluate different areas of your business.

Automated Processes

Streamline your enterprise fleet’s processes and let Fleetio automate manual tasks for you. Our software automatically calculates metrics and immediately notifies the correct parties about vehicle issues, low inventory quantities and much more.

Accessible Anywhere

Fleetio is not limited to a specific machine or geographic location. Accessible anytime and anywhere, Fleetio allows for better collaboration and communication among team members and, in turn, increases fleet productivity.

Enterprise Customization

Our software is fully customizable to the unique needs of your enterprise fleet. Configure Fleetio to help meet your business goals, track the metrics executives want to see and calculate real ROI.

Fully Integrated

Fleetio is 100% integrated across corporate departments to save time and money. All fleet management features are tied together. For example, a vehicle inspection failure will trigger the workflow for maintenance and issue resolution.

Fleet Management Features for Enterprises

Fuel Management

Monitor your fleet’s fuel use and reduce expenses. Fleetio automatically calculates your fuel economy metrics and allows fuel card integration to provide instant alerts and fuel reports.

Mobile Electronic Inspection Forms

Our customizable, mobile electronic inspection forms can be completed anywhere using mobile app Fleetio Go. Eliminate the paperwork. Proactively maintain your vehicles and keep your fleet healthy.

Automated Failure Workflows

When inspection items fail, Fleetio will automatically trigger a change in vehicle status, create a failure workflow and alert the appropriate team members to resolve issues as soon as possible.

PM Schedules and Reminders

Use actual vehicle utilization to forecast service schedules and improve fleet planning and budgeting. Set up reminders to alert the appropriate team members.

Safety Management

Never second guess the safety of your drivers or the status of your assets. Stay on top of maintenance requirements with instant notifications and integrate GPS tracking systems to receive DTC alerts and vehicle geolocation.

Dashboard and Reports

View high-level fleet metrics on the Fleetio Dashboard and create detailed reports to drill down into the data most useful to your fleet operations.

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