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Small Fleets

Automate the fleet management process for small business fleets

When managing thousands of assets and drivers, it can seem almost impossible to optimize utilization.

Fleetio seamlessly integrates all aspects of fleet management

Be proactive not reactive

Fleetio delivers real-time insight into fleet operations to help prevent vehicle issues before they arise. Stay proactive as your fleet grows.

Share the load

You can’t do all the work yourself. Add unlimited employees to Fleetio and empower them to collaborate on fleet management.

Hold drivers accountables

Assign drivers to specific vehicles, monitor vehicle statuses and identify drivers who may need additional training based on performance.

Schedule and predict maintenance tasks

Stay on top of PM tasks with scheduling and predictive service reminders.

  • Create service schedules and reminders
  • Predict due dates based on usage
  • Set meter and time intervals and due soon thresholds
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Quickly inspect assets and resolve issues

Ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet with a modern, electronic alternative to paper-based vehicle inspection forms and an end-to-end issue management system.

  • Eliminate paperwork and address issues immediately
  • Create tailored forms and checklists
  • Track work completed, automate issue reporting and maintain accountability
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Improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs

Unlock fuel trend insight, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle allocation.

  • Automatically track fuel economy and cost per mile
  • Reduce fuel theft with location-based reporting
  • Integrate fuel cards or input fuel data in seconds using a smartphone
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Manage parts inventory

Track fleet parts and supplies across multiple storage locations with ease.

  • Access parts by simply scanning a barcode
  • Update quantities in seconds using a smartphone
  • Track parts usage to improve maintenance quality
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