Fleet Management Software
for Small Fleets

Control the chaos of small business fleet management

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Automate the fleet management process

Establish a process

Fleet management seems like an allusive, cumbersome concept. Fleetio streamlines your efforts and makes fleet management a tangible, simple process.

Be proactive not reactive

Fleetio delivers real-time insight into fleet operations to help prevent vehicle issues before they arise.

Share the load

You can’t do all the work yourself. Add unlimited employees to Fleetio and empower them to collaborate on asset management.

Hold drivers accountable

Assign drivers to specific vehicles, monitor vehicle statuses and identify drivers who may need additional training based on performance.

Features for Small Business Fleet Management

Fuel efficiency and fuel cards

Establish accountability for fuel use and gain visibility into fuel expenses. Monitor fuel metrics to improve driving habits and reduce costs. Integrate fuel cards to prevent fuel theft and to reduce manual data entry with automatic data uploads.

Service and renewal reminders

It can be difficult to keep up with required service tasks (e.g. oil changes) and renewals (e.g. tag renewal and insurance) throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Receive reminders to stay on top of these important tasks.

Defect reporting

Enable drivers to report vehicle issues and notify relevant users to resolve maintenance issues immediately. Drivers can even report defects from the road with our mobile fleet management app Fleetio Go.

Vehicle inspection forms

Remain compliant with government regulations using customizable, electronic inspection forms. Tailor the forms to meet specific regulations and keep drivers and vehicles operating safely.

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