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PM Schedule Template

By performing regular maintenance on your vehicles, you can prevent costly repairs and keep your vehicles on the road. Our free PM Schedule template provides you with a spreadsheet to track common service items across your fleet, plan for upcoming service needs, and easily print out a report for each vehicle.

PM Schedule Template

How do I make a PM schedule?

In order to properly maintain your vehicles and keep them on the road longer, you need to identify the proper intervals for common maintenance tasks. After creating your preventive maintenance checklist, we recommend consulting your OEM-specific recommendations for mileage or time-based intervals and scheduling maintenance accordingly.

How do I track preventive maintenance?

Traditionally, maintenance has been tracked using paper forms or spreadsheets. However, many fleets now track their preventive maintenance with maintenance software to easily access historical data and set notifications for future maintenance needs.

pm schedule walkthrough

How to use Fleetio’s free PM schedule template

This PM schedule template was designed to help you customize a preventive maintenance calendar and begin tracking common service items.

Our preventive maintenance template is built using Google Sheets, a free online alternative to Excel. To create your own editable version of this template, you simply need to select “File” and then “Make a copy” once you open the template link.

Log and track information

With this free preventive maintenance schedule template, you will be able to improve your preventive maintenance compliance with:

  • List out the common maintenance tasks in your fleet to create a checklist for future maintenance.

Example of common maintenance tasks on preventive maintenance schedule spreadsheet
Preventive Maintenance Schedule product image

Manage preventive maintenance in Fleetio

If you're tired of the spreadsheets and paper forms, it's time to automate your fleet's preventive maintenance program with software. Fleetio's maintenance scheduling software alerts you of upcoming maintenance needs so you can instantly begin the maintenance process and reduce the financial impact of downtime on your fleet. Plus, every vehicle's service history, including the associated expenses, is just a click away so you can determine whether an asset is costing your fleet more money than it's worth.

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"I find this app saves me about 1.5 hours per day in the evening when I sit down to catch up all my files. If you use it as intended, it will be a huge benefit!"

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Mark D.

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"Fleetio is user friendly; I'm not the most technologically savvy individual but the training sessions provided were more than enough to help me feel comfortable using the software myself"

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Jason C.


"Bringing in a tool that brings all the data into one centralized location to make informed decisions and help guide our business was critical."

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Chloe G.


"We like being able to to add our landscaping assets as well as our vehicles to Fleetio."

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