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Mileage Log Template

Organize mileage entries from your drivers/operators and quickly surface utilization reports for each of your fleet’s assets. Our mileage log spreadsheet template allows you to replace the outdated paper logs and better track your drivers, asset assignments and vehicle usage.

Mileage Log Template

How can I keep track of my mileage?

There are several tools available to help you track your mileage. Many drivers keep a physical log in a notebook, adding in starting odometer readings and ending odometer readings for each trip. Others are starting to incorporate spreadsheets to have a digital copy of their miles driven. For organizations trying to track the mileage of a fleet of vehicles, we recommend leveraging vehicle utilization reports in a fleet management app.

How do I create a mileage log?

To create a basic mileage log, you need to keep track of five key fields: the vehicle operator, date and time of the trip, purpose of the trip, starting odometer reading, and ending odometer reading. If you'd like your mileage log to provide further insights into your vehicle usage, we recommend creating a mileage log spreadsheet or leveraging an app that can quickly generate reports.

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How to use Fleetio’s free mileage log template

This mileage log spreadsheet was designed to help you quickly review and compare the following individual vehicle metrics: Total Miles Driven, Missing Mileage, Vehicle Status/Operator Comments, and more.

Our mileage log template is built using Google Sheets, a free online alternative to Excel. To create your own editable version of this template, you simply need to select “File” and then “Make a copy” once you open the template link.

Example of mileage entries on vehicle mileage log spreadsheet

Log and track information

With this free mileage log template, you will be able to better track your fleet's vehicle usage and status, with features such as:

  • Keep a historical record of what work has been performed on an asset and how much it costs.

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Manage mileage tracking in Fleetio

If you're tired of the spreadsheets and paper forms, it's time to track your fleet's vehicle usage in Fleetio. Fleetio's fleet management system can easily integrate with your fuel cards and existing GPS/telematics system to give you automatic odometer readings, allowing you to run up-to-date utilization reports and identify unbalanced usage within your fleet. With a mobile fleet app, you can also instantly log odometer readings during your drivers' pre- and post-trip inspections, ensuring you never have to manually enter an odometer reading again.

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"I find this app saves me about 1.5 hours per day in the evening when I sit down to catch up all my files. If you use it as intended, it will be a huge benefit!"

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Mark D.

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"Fleetio is user friendly; I'm not the most technologically savvy individual but the training sessions provided were more than enough to help me feel comfortable using the software myself"

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"Bringing in a tool that brings all the data into one centralized location to make informed decisions and help guide our business was critical."

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Chloe G.


"We like being able to to add our landscaping assets as well as our vehicles to Fleetio."

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