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Alex Borg

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Aug 31, 2023

1 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Fleet Beat: The Top Fleet Industry Articles of August 2023

The Fleet Beat is a monthly newsletter filled with helpful resources to improve your fleet operations and boost your growth as a fleet manager. This month, we covered everything from driver certifications to how technology has changed the skills fleet managers need to succeed.

Fleet Beat: The Top Fleet Industry Articles of August 2023

Our Top Articles for August 2023

1. How to develop a modern fleet management skill set

As technology evolves, fleet managers are needing to pick up new skills to stay sharp and relevant. From understanding data to staying informed on the latest trends, we break down what fleet managers should strive to know in 2023.

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2. 3 driver certifications that can improve your fleet’s ROI

By training your drivers on how to maximize their safety behind the wheel, you can prevent costly accidents. We highlight three driver certifications that can improve your organization’s bottom line in this blog post.

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Fleet pros share proven actions to better your fleet

The Fleet Manager's Manual is a compilation of articles and resources to help fleet managers take on their daily challenges.

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3. Masters of Fleet: The basics of fleet management

Designed to help you grow as a fleet manager, our Masters of Fleet video series provides actionable tips on maintenance, fuel management, technology and more. Whether you’re new to the profession or a seasoned expert, these educational videos are well-worth your time.

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4. 7 habits of highly effective fleet managers

The best fleet managers tend to follow similar patterns of thinking in a few key areas of fleet management. With these tried-and-true principles, you can improve your fleet operations and become a better fleet manager in the process.

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Alex Borg

Alex Borg

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Alex Borg is a Content Marketing Specialist at Fleetio. Beyond writing, his interests include going to concerts, playing guitar, and hanging out at the beach.

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