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Remote Fleet Management

Manage your fleet from anywhere

Fleetio is designed for busy, distributed fleets. Our intuitive web and mobile applications live in the cloud and enable productivity from anywhere. Fleetio is the first choice for fleet managers, technicians and operators that need to stay connected to keep their fleets humming amid changing market conditions and customer priorities.

Cloud-based Fleet Software

Manage anything and everything that affects your mobile assets

Centralize fleet data and access from anywhere

Store everything— DVIRs, maintenance history, license and registration renewal reminders, warranty info, loan/lease data, telematics data, fuel transactions, group/location, important documents, notes and more. Access data from anywhere with the Fleetio Go mobile app.

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Minimize downtime and unnecessary costs

Focus on the most important tasks to keep your fleet mobile. Fleetio alerts you to upcoming inspections and preventive maintenance needs, vehicle issues and defects, potential fuel theft and more.

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Plan and optimize asset utilization

Make the best use of your assets. Easily schedule and assign assets to drivers, while gaining visibility into which assets are being underutilized. Adjust schedules accordingly or simply get rid of underutilized assets altogether to reduce costs.

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Remote Fleet Management

Collaborate with your staff remotely

Add unlimited users

Every Fleetio account includes unlimited users so everyone can collaborate on fleet management needs from anywhere. Access contact info on the go from the Fleetio Go mobile app and call or text with one tap.

Communicate via web or mobile app

Add comments, photos and documents to any record in Fleetio including issues, maintenance tasks and more, keeping everyone in the loop and storing a complete “paper trail” of activities.

Remote DVIR and maintenance management

Defects from drivers’ eDVIRs trigger notifications in Fleetio. Schedule outsourced maintenance or assign internal Work Orders. Resolve issues and close the loop without ever setting foot on site.

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Reports and Dashboards

Increase visibility into your fleet across your entire organization

Stay informed in real time

View alerts and dashboards and your most important metrics at-a-glance. Customize data visualization and drill down into any metric to see detailed reporting.

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Data insight at your fingertips

View simple, intuitive fleet reports on everything from cost per mile/km metrics to maintenance trends and downtime. With all your data in one system, reporting stays timely, accurate and actionable.

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Keep your entire organization in-the-know

Generate reports in seconds or subscribe to and schedule reports to send to stakeholders on a schedule keeping everyone in the loop.

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