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Laura Flowers

Laura Flowers

Feb 27, 2020

6 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Vehicle Fleet Management Software in the UK

The adoption of fleet management software in the U.K. is becoming increasingly common as fleet managers and decision-makers see the value in leveraging technology to improve fleet processes. Fleet management software maximizes efficiencies by enabling users to track and manage every aspect of their fleet on a mobile platform.


Best U.K. Fleet Management Software

In the U.K., fleet management software can be used to solve some of the biggest pain points in fleet management. Many businesses are still using antiquated processes like spreadsheets to manage operations, resulting in a lack of data visibility and overall inefficiency.

To remain competitive, it’s crucial for fleets to have the ability to track every aspect of their fleet, from maintenance and inspections to utilization and costs. Unfortunately, many fleet managers in the U.K. spend too much time hunting down information from drivers and manually entering data, leaving no time to proactively manage their fleet and improve processes.

Fleetio, an international fleet management software, is a mobile-first platform that helps fleets automate processes from end-to-end. Fleetio streamlines fleet management by collecting real-time fleet data and housing it in an organized, easy-to-use software.

Making the decision to leverage fleet management software enables you to make the best decisions based on your fleet’s data. Because each fleet is unique, it’s important to choose a U.K. fleet management software that allows you to tailor the user experience to your needs. When considering which features you’ll utilize, think about your business goals and identify areas you can improve with the help of Fleetio.

Leverage Electronic Inspections to Improve Maintenance

Conducting routine vehicle inspections helps fleets measure the health and road readiness of assets while maintaining compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) standards. Regular vehicle inspections ensure you’re operating a safe fleet and alert you to issues that need to be addressed.

Some fleets are still using inefficient and time-consuming paper inspection forms, which cause communication gaps between field and office. To eliminate bottlenecks and address issues quickly, fleets can conduct electronic vehicle inspections in the field to boost productivity.   Fleetio streamlines the inspection process by providing fleets with an easy way to conduct inspections on the go and quickly communicate issues through software. Using a mobile app, drivers can inspect their cars, lorries and other assets quickly and thoroughly. Inspection results are uploaded into fleet management software in real-time, providing you with the status of your assets.

When issues arise, you can troubleshoot and create mobile work orders quickly and efficiently. Eliminating bottlenecks between field and office prevents downtime and keeps your fleet on the move.

Streamline Maintenance Workflows to Increase Uptime

Fleet maintenance is one of the largest ongoing expenses for fleets in the U.K. To stay on budget and avoid unexpected repairs, it’s important to take a proactive stance on maintenance. Fortunately, building and sustaining a strong fleet maintenance plan is simple with the help of software.

Managing fleet maintenance in a comprehensive system like Fleetio maximizes uptime, lengthens vehicle lifespan and ensures your assets are safe on the road. Fleetio allows you to tailor maintenance workflows and create strategies to streamline fleet processes.

One of the best strategies to manage maintenance is to create preventive maintenance schedules for your assets. Creating configurable service schedules based on odometer readings or calendar intervals ensures your assets are serviced on time.

Managing vehicle issues promptly helps reduce downtime, but if you don’t have an easy way to track issues, your assets may be sent out on the job with critical problems. Fleetio’s mobile app empowers your drivers to report issues on the spot, either through vehicle inspections or mobile defect reporting. These issues are communicated to you immediately, so you can create work orders and schedule maintenance.

Creating web and mobile orders jump-starts the maintenance process and allows you to plan, schedule and carry out maintenance efficiently. With fleet management software, you can precisely track service by line item to stay organized and within your maintenance budget.


Capture All Fleet Data with Software Integrations

Your fleet may already be using some form of technology to increase efficiency. Tools like telematics devices and petrol cards automate data collection and provide you with increased visibility regarding asset performance.

Telematics devices automatically capture data like driver status and location to help you ensure your drivers are safe and productive while on their routes. Telematics devices can also automatically capture odometer readings and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to improve maintenance practices.

Petrol fleet cards provide information on fuel cost and consumption to help you track and manage fuel expenses. As petrol is one of the largest ongoing expenses for fleets in the U.K., keeping costs low is crucial.

While these forms of technology are useful on their own, supplementing them with fleet management software extends the value of your data. Fleetio integrates with your current systems to house all of your fleet data in one location. Data from telematics devices and petro cards is automatically uploaded into your fleet management software alongside maintenance and expense data, allowing you to get a complete understanding of your fleet’s efficiency.

Fleetio’s App Directory provides a full list of our trusted industry partners. Centralizing all of your fleet’s data in a single system is the best way to comprehensively track and analyze your operations.


Measure Fleet Performance and Analyze Costs with Configurable Reports

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and without a way to comprehensively view hard data regarding your fleet, it’s difficult to make the most informed decisions for your business. A lack of data visibility causes a decrease in fleet efficiency and negatively impacts your bottom line.

Though you may have a large amount of data across multiple spreadsheets, it can be a challenge to surface, analyze and share that data. Instead of combing through a mass of spreadsheets to find the information you need, Fleetio provides robust and configurable reporting for you to analyze every aspect of your fleet.

Flexible, configurable reports unlock insight into your fleet’s performance, health and productivity. By using Fleetio, you can create reports on virtually any metric. You can also subscribe to your most needed reports or share reports with other stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop.

Tracking the performance and utilization of your assets is one of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your assets and right-size your fleet. When you closely monitor how your assets are used, you’re less likely to run into unexpected breakdowns or other issues. Using data from inspections and service history, you can generate reports that allow you to analyze performance.

One of the key metrics your fleet should be tracking is your fleet’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Having a clear and accurate understanding of your fleet’s operating costs ensures your fleet is staying on budget and maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Fleet managers often have difficulties calculating TCO, as their data isn’t aggregated. With the help of fleet management software, U.K. fleets can automatically calculate TCO. Fleetio offers comprehensive expense reporting to give you a clear picture of your operating costs.

Having all of your data in a single system, including inspections, maintenance and expenses, allows you to accurately measure fleet success and make any necessary improvements for a more efficient fleet.

Fleetio helps fleets improve their operations and track the metrics that matter most. Start your free trial or request a demo today!

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Laura Flowers
Laura Flowers

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