Equipment Maintenance Software

Streamline your entire equipment maintenance process

Equipment maintenance solutions aren’t created equal. Manage your heavy equipment, vehicles and other fleet assets together in Fleetio. Keep your equipment operating smoothly with our equipment maintenance software. Automate service reminders, monitor maintenance progress in real time and maximize uptime.

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  • Maximize heavy equipment usage and longevity

    Whether your equipment is new or used, proper maintenance is key to longevity. Fleetio enables you to easily manage your entire maintenance process proactively with automated service schedules and reminders. Have peace of mind your equipment is running properly.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks across your maintenance workflow

    Bridge the gap between the field and your maintenance providers. Collaborate directly with your operators and technicians to streamline maintenance workflows. Identify and address repair needs immediately and track maintenance history to uncover trends.

  • Monitor equipment maintenance tasks in real time

    Maximize equipment uptime while increasing your return on investment. A preventive equipment maintenance system will help maximize uptime and equipment availability to ensure your team can complete its daily tasks. Hold technicians accountable and track maintenance progress with automatic status updates.

Industry maintenance

Automate service schedules for all heavy equipment.

Embrace a proactive equipment maintenance process with the help of Fleetio. Configure service schedules based on equipment types and bulk manage service tasks to save precious time. Set service reminders based on OEM recommendations or usage and never miss equipment maintenance again.

  • Set service reminders based on time and usage intervals
  • Keep track of maintenance from anywhere with mobile reminders
  • Create due soon thresholds to be informed of tasks
Service reminder

Always know the health and status of your equipment

Leverage service reminders to initiate maintenance workflows. Automatically generate work orders and assign them to technicians. Track service progress with instant notifications sent to your inbox or mobile device and collaborate directly with your team.

  • Auto-generate and assign maintenance work orders
  • Group and bulk-manage service tasks by equipment type
  • Receive real-time notifications for status updates

Examine equipment costs to improve profitability

Heavy equipment purchases and maintenance are no bargain. With Fleetio’s equipment maintenance software, you can keep track of all your maintenance expenses, from purchase to replacement, in a single system. Include all other fleet expenses to automatically calculate total cost of ownership, and uncover trends to take action and remain on budget.

  • Determine an asset’s cost per mile, km or hour
  • Create and share reports with key stakeholders
  • Visualize your maintenance data to make informed decisions

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