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Rachael Plant

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Mar 15, 2024

3 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Enhanced Geotab Integration Boasts Big Benefits

Geotab and Fleetio recently enhanced their integration functionality by enabling EV charge tracking and automatic syncing of both defects and issue resolution. Now issues closed in Fleetio will also be closed in Geotab for data integrity and to cut the need for redundant data input.

Enhanced Geotab Integration Boasts Big Benefits

Geotab’s GPS fleet management solution captures robust data around vehicle position, speed, fuel use, idling, odometer readings and more. The Geotab integration with Fleetio allows fleets to consolidate the data from both platforms for deeper maintenance insights, more seamless workflows and timely issue alerts — now with the added benefit of allowing users to explore real-time asset sensor data to help catch unplanned downtime, before it happens. Plus, sensor data powered by Geotab allows fleets to track electric vehicle (EV) charging and related metrics in Fleetio so you can make the best-informed decisions around EV adoption and use.

EV Charge Tracking

One of the main benefits associated with EV adoption is a reduction in fuel spend, but it can be difficult to understand the total cost of EV ownership without being able to capture and analyze charging data. The new Fleetio and Geotab integration update now allows users to track EV-related metrics, such as:

  • Charging costs, discounts and miscellaneous fees
  • Charging duration
  • Energy price
  • Energy use/consumption, including average energy economy and average cost per kWh

Within Fleetio's EV charge tracking feature, Geotab users are able to automatically track and approve charging entries and access a charging data chart with user-identified charging thresholds. You can even access charging entries while they’re still in progress.

Additionally, fleets can assign charging vendors, whether a public charging station or even a home address for individuals with take-home vehicles. This comes in handy when assessing where and when charging is most accessible and affordable, and can help you avoid charging assets during peak times where prices are highest.

Look Under the Hood…

...without even having to get your hands dirty. The Fleetio-Geotab integration has upgraded powerful new features like sensor data snapshots.

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Synced Issue Resolution

Before now, resolving service issues meant users had to do so on both platforms. We’re happy to announce that the integration update makes resolving vehicle issues faster and easier than ever. After all, if an issue is open on one platform and resolved on another, do you really know the work was done? Or do you have to ask around?

Synced issue resolution within these integrated fleet systems reduces uncertainty around work performed, reducing the likelihood of repeated work and, in turn, increased service spend.

Fleetio pulls in Geotab data to kick off maintenance workflows upon defect alerts. Daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR) defects reported in Geotab automatically create issues in Fleetio. Once the issue is resolved in Fleetio, it also resolves in Geotab with no additional steps necessary.

See the Updates in Action

Ready to see how fast two-way defect resolution is? Check out the video below for a quick breakdown, including how to integrate Geotab into Fleetio in under 30 seconds.

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Rachael Plant

Rachael Plant

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Rachael Plant is a Content Marketing Specialist at Fleetio whose automotive background spans from managing auto parts inventories to overseeing fleet-specific editorial in national trade publications. She resides deep in the middle-of-nowhere Alabama with her two dogs and, thankfully, reliable GPS.

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