Outsourced Maintenance

Stay on top of outsourced maintenance from anywhere

Minimize downtime and easily track service in one centralized location. Save time with automated preventative maintenance and issue management workflows triggered when associated services are added.

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Outsourced Maintenance Tracking

Go paperless and increase visibility into
maintenance spend

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  • Increase visibility by tracking service history electronically from anywhere

    Log service by parts and labor from anywhere and attach associated documents, like invoices or photos. Utilize bulk importing to upload large quanities of data at once. Take your efficiency one step further by leveraging the Maintenance Shop Integration to have data automatically imported from your shop.

  • Reduce costs of service over time with a centralized platform

    Once data is in Fleetio, it can easily be accessed at any time to review and gather insights. By eliminating paper and always knowing when you last completed a service, you also reduce the risk of inaccuracies and overspending on repeated services.

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Outsourced Maintenance Automation

Save time with electronic repair order review and automated data entry

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Repair order
  • Approve or reject services with a single click

    Quickly approve or reject repair order without a single phone call to your shop.

  • Set transaction limits to eliminate unneccesary spend

    Gain complete control of your outsourced maintenance and set rules based on shop, cost or service codes. Eliminate all surprise line items on your invoice.

  • Expedite maintenance to get vehicles back on the road quickly

    Once approved, shops can complete maintenance quickly and have your driver back on the road. Payment is handled through consolidated billing with Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration, eliminating the need for drivers to carry extra credit cards. Once payment is complete, maintenance data is automatically uploaded into Fleetio.

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Streamlined Maintenance Workflows

Streamline outsourced maintenance with automated workflows

  • Leverage automated service reminders to stay on top of your maintenance at all times

    Take action immediately by triggering automatic service reminders for when assets are due for service via resetting meter and time intervals and due soon thresholds.

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  • Resolve vehicle issues immediately and keep your assets on the road

    Create automatic approval workflows or quickly approve maintenance online. Completed repair orders are automatically recorded in your account and resolved issues can be linked with one click.

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  • Minimize downtime with automated vehicle recall alerts

    Automatically track vehicle recalls against maintenance activities through our integration with the NHTSA. Tracking recall service for every vehicle across your fleet empowers you to take advantage of repairs swiftly.

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Outsourced Maintenance Reporting

Continuously improve outsourced maintenance by gathering insights on key metrics

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  • Monitor maintenance metrics and gain instant visibility across your fleet

    Gain insights into how much your assets cost to maintain by tracking service, line items, parts and labor with ease.

  • Discover and analyze opportunities for outsourced maintenance improvement with actionable data

    Establish limits, improve workflows and become increasingly cost-effective by leveraging data such as cost per mile, spend by group and preventative maintenance compliance.

  • Create and share custom reports and make them easily accessible across your organization

    Every report is intuitive and offers flexible filtering with customizable date ranges. Subscribe to automated reports and share them via email across your organization at intervals of your choice.

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