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Laura Flowers

Laura Flowers

Oct 25, 2019

5 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Boost Fleet Productivity with Electronic Vehicle Inspections

Upgrade your paper vehicle inspection system with modern fleet technology. Fleetio’s electronic inspection process empowers drivers to perform fast, thorough vehicle inspections. Fleets that use digital inspections ensure airtight compliance and expedite the maintenance process.

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Go Paperless with Electronic Vehicle Inspections

While paper-based vehicle inspections have been the norm for many fleets, they aren’t without their faults. Paper inspections are time-consuming, and when drivers attempt to get through them quickly, they are often illegible and inaccurate.

Paper vehicle inspection processes also create communication gaps in your fleet maintenance system and unnecessary downtime. To increase uptime and address issues quickly, many fleet managers are leveraging electronic vehicle inspection forms.

Fleetio streamlines the inspection process by providing fleets with a simple way to conduct inspections and quickly communicate issues through software. By implementing electronic vehicle inspection forms into your fleet management strategy, inspection results are accessible no matter where your drivers are on the map.

Drivers perform inspections on a mobile app, increasing efficiency and accuracy. To better convey vehicle issues, drivers can upload photos and make comments allowing them to be thorough in their diagnosis.

Fleet managers can receive notifications about vehicle issues instantly to help jumpstart the maintenance process. When avoiding downtime is your number one priority, this level of communication is invaluable.

See how going paperless with Fleetio helped one company reduce vehicle inspection time by 65 percent.

eDVIR and Custom Inspections Forms

Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) are a required practice for most fleets. Performing DVIR ensures your vehicles maintain compliance and alert you to issues that need to be addressed during routine preventive maintenance.

Though DVIRs are designed to regularly monitor the health of your assets, paper reports aren’t turned in promptly and are often lost in the process. Manually entering and analyzing stacks of these forms is burdensome and poor use of time.

Electronic DVIR (eDVIR) enables drivers to fill out inspections on time, anywhere in the field and automatically organizes inspection results. Inspection results are housed in a central fleet software, helping you easily prove compliance and analyze common issues across your fleet.

Along with eDVIR, Fleetio’s inspection feature allows you to perform other types of inspections across your fleet. You can use one of the many pre-built inspection forms or create custom forms tailored to the needs of your fleet, including but not limited to:

  • eDVIR
  • End of Week Inspection
  • Pre-Rental Inspection
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Annual Inspection
  • Equipment Check-In/Out
  • Incident Report
  • Pre/Post Trip Inspection

The ability to customize inspection forms in Fleetio ensures ease-of-use for your drivers to provide regular updates regarding asset health.


Maintain Airtight Compliance

Safety and compliance should always be front of mind for any fleet manager. Monitoring the health of your assets ensures the safety of your drivers and the public, and regular inspections are one of the best, easiest ways to ensure safety.

Unfortunately, many drivers see vehicle inspections as a tedious process to rush through, and it’s easy to see why they choose to do that. Paper DVIR causes increased downtime on routes, and inspecting a vehicle while balancing a pen and clipboard is difficult.

Digital inspections enable your fleet to easily comply with federal regulations. All information from electronic vehicle inspections is automatically uploaded in your fleet management software.

Having an organized system of record for your eDVIRs saves your team hours of manual data entry and eliminates any concern over misplaced or damaged forms.


Receive Real-Time Vehicle Inspection Results

When you don’t have complete visibility of your fleet, it’s difficult to ensure their inspection productivity and manage repairs quickly. If drivers can’t effectively communicate issues from the field, problems can go unnoticed for weeks at a time, often resulting in costly expenses and significant downtime.

Fleetio bridges the gap between field and office by alerting fleet managers to issues as soon as inspections are completed. When defects are reported, managers can create issues from failed inspection items.

Employing the use of electronic vehicle inspections also improves driver integrity. Fleetio automatically tracks the GPS location of each inspection, ensuring your drivers are performing inspections in the proper locations.

Monitoring inspection location can alert you to untrustworthy submissions. If you’re concerned about whether inspections are being performed at the proper time and place, consider adjusting proximity thresholds to further monitor completions.


Improve Your Fleet Maintenance Workflow

Maintenance is one of the largest operating expenses for fleets. Having a strong fleet maintenance plan is the best way to preserve and improve a positive bottom line.

In regards to your fleet maintenance strategy, vehicle inspections are your first line of defense. Routine inspections can improve your preventive maintenance (PM) schedule, alert you to issues as they arise and help you avoid future breakdowns.

Fleetio streamlines the maintenance process by creating a seamless workflow from inspections to repairs. Having all of your vehicle information and inspection data in a centralized software allows managers to track issues from start to finish.

Whether you outsource maintenance or manage maintenance in-house, you can create workflows based on issues reported in Fleetio’s electronic vehicle inspections. When an issue is reported, you can automatically create a work order to schedule maintenance.

Using mobile work orders for in-house maintenance ensures your team stays organized. Having all vehicle data in one place gives you a complete picture of the overall health of your vehicle to make well-informed decisions regarding maintenance and better manage your PM schedule.

Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration sets a new standard for third-party maintenance management. Fleet managers can quickly approve maintenance, allowing repairs to begin as soon as vehicles enter the shop.

Electronic vehicle inspection data boosts maintenance productivity and minimizes downtime regardless of how you manage maintenance. See how a landscaping company leverages Fleetio vehicle inspections to improve their maintenance process.


Gain Insight into Asset Health

Electronic vehicle inspections allow you to have an abundance of asset data at your fingertips. How will you leverage all that information?

By increasing visibility into fleet operations, you can gain insight into the health of your assets and make data-decisions. With Fleetio, creating custom reports can help analyze your fleet operations and identify areas to improve.

On-demand electronic vehicle inspection data can provide a wealth of knowledge into your fleet operations. For example, running a report on the most common inspection failures can identify overarching issues across your fleet.

Seeing patterns and performance trends helps improve preventive maintenance processes. With analysis of these trends, you can also make better decisions on future asset purchases.

Modernizing your fleet’s inspection process not only boosts driver morale and improves your maintenance process; electronic vehicle inspections can also have a significant positive impact on your fleet’s bottom line.

Experience the benefits of electronic inspections! Start your free trial of Fleetio or request a demo today.

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