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Alex Borg

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Mar 30, 2023

2 minute read

Fleet Management Blog

Fleet Beat: The Top Fleet Industry Articles of March 2023

The Fleet Beat is a monthly newsletter filled with helpful resources to improve your fleet operations and boost your growth as a fleet manager. This month, we explored what the future might have in store for trucking, the costs of EVs and ICE vehicles, and how a multi-state mechanical contractor aligns their operations.

The Fleet Beat: March 2023

Our Top Articles for March 2023

1. How R.T. Moore unified seven locations across three states

R.T. Moore is a mechanical contractor specializing in plumbing, HVAC, engineering and design services. After growing to a fleet of more than 500 assets, the company knew they needed to modernize their paper-based fleet management processes.

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2. Comparing EV and ICE vehicle costs

Researching EVs often proves as frustrating as it is informative. While issues like capital cost parity and total cost of ownership are often debated, it seemed like everyone could agree on the cost reduction benefit of running EVs over ICE vehicles. Now even that is becoming a contentious subject.

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3. Free Tool: Vehicle mileage log spreadsheet

Organize mileage entries from your drivers/operators and quickly surface utilization reports for each of your fleet’s assets. Our mileage log spreadsheet template allows you to replace the outdated paper logs and better track your asset assignments and usage.

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4. Predicting what 2023 has in store for trucking

Many of the factors that have been at play in the trucking industry since the pandemic are continuing to evolve, and while it could be simple to view the coming year as more of the same, 2023 presents potential new challenges as well as new opportunities as trends advance.

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Alex Borg

Alex Borg

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Alex Borg is a Content Marketing Specialist at Fleetio. Beyond writing, his interests include going to concerts, playing guitar, and hanging out at the beach.

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